Friday, March 24, 2017

A 757 Flies Over

I was almost tempted to head over to the airport instead of taking baseball pictures.  I was looking forward to taking baseball pictures since it's been a while.
As it was, the planes were flying in the right direction tonight and I managed to catch a 757 as it flew over the stadium.

Eastern Michigan Vs. Bowling Green Baseball

College Baseball is tough to follow if you are a fan of one of the northern colleges.  The season typically starts around the middle of February which means that any northern teams start their season on the road.  Usually the home opener is in late March and sometimes the weather around here can be iffy.  Despite all that, I try to make it to a couple Eastern Michigan games during the season.
 It was in the mid-70's tonight, so  I decided to head over to the home opener at Oestrike Stadium.  Eastern Michigan was playing Bowling Green.  If I remember correctly, Eastern Michigan is hovering around 5-15 but they had one of the tougher schedules in Division I baseball.
 They actually looked decent enough but I didn't stay long enough for the real fireworks.
 I think this ended up going into one of the gaps to bring in one of Eastern Michigan's runs.

This was the second Eastern Michigan run.

I only stayed for 3 innings.  At that point, the game was tied at 2.  After that, Bowling Green would take a 6-3 lead but they would fall to Eastern Michigan by a final score of 7-6 after a walk off single.  So that makes Eastern Michigan 1-0 in MAC play.

Monday, March 20, 2017

A Brief Bout of Planewatching

I was actually hoping catch the 5:30 Delta flight from Cancun because it is usually a 757.
 I didn't make it over to the airport in time.  The light was pretty good, so I decided to stay around for a bit.  First up was this CRJ-200 belonging to Delta Airlines.
 Then I caught an Embrear 175 belonging to American Eagle.
 And I think this was a CJR-700.
 My patience was rewarded, as I saw that a 757 was arriving from Minneapolis.
I know that I've caught this 757-200 before.  On the nose is the signature of the Reverend Doctor Joseph E. Lowery.  He was one of the members of the Civil Rights movements.

Return to Durand

I decided to head up to Durand again. 
 It wasn't too long before my first train appeared.   I was kind of surprised to see a Norfolk-Southern engine to appear.
 I think it was pulling some autoracks over to lansing.
 Then another train appeared from the west.
 It wasn't too long before the train that dumps off the cars in the yard.
 It is pretty neat to watch this guy in action.

 I kind of liked the graffiti on this one.
 And this one.

I kind of liked having the sign in this shot.

Maple Syrup Collection

As I was wandering up to Durand from Chelsea, I stumbled across a maple syrup collection place.
 Typically maple trees will store starch in their trunks and roots prior to the onset of winter.  As late winter turns into early spring, this starch will be converted to maple sugar.  It was the Native Americans that discovered the maple syrup long before the Europeans settled in North America.  The process used here is very similiar to that.
 One roughly 20 to 50 volumes worth of sap is collected it is boiled over an open fire until you are left with about one volume of syrup.
 I thought this house looked pretty cool.
Michigan ranks 5th in the United States in maple syrup production by producing about 90,000 gallons per year.

A Return to Chelsea

So I decided to go back to Chelsea yesterday in order to catch the Wolverine passing through town.  Again, I was hoping to catch both trains but I ended up dallying around too much and got to watch the westbound Wolverine pass by.  That's just as well I guess as it was really the eastbound Wolverine that I was after.
 I kind of liked this view of the train station there.  It's kind of cool to see a restored old station.
 The stove factory.
 A closeup of one of the details.
 Across the street from the railroad depot there is a feed store.  I thought it made for a pretty cool picture.
 Just a reminder that trains pass by at a pretty decent clip.
 Another angle of the train depot.
 I kind of like this barn too.
 It wasn't too long before the Wolverine appeared.  Next time, I might try a shot from the other side of the tracks.
 I kind of like this shot a little more.

And the train continues onto Ann Arbor.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Another Trip to Durand

As I said, I decided to head over to Durand.  I really like the views that I can get in Durand but I wish there were more trains that passed.  I was also hoping that the train I saw in the last post wasn't the only train on the line.
 It wasn't too long before this train appeared.  It detaches part of its load and brings a handful of cars to the Durand rail yard.  After it detaches these cars, it will recouple with the rest of its load and continue on.
 I kind of like some of the graffiti I see on trains.
 Another bit of graffiti.
 Like I said, the train passes the switch and then backs up into the yard.
 It makes for some neat pictures.
 It continues to back into the yard.
 While the other train was in the yard, another train passed by.  I'm not sure where this train was headed though.
 I kind of like the shot with the signals in the background.
 I was trying to get a reflection in the window and a view of the train.  I might have to try this again next time I'm there.  I kind of like this shot but I'll have to try other angles.
 The first train after dropping off its load. 
 It's kind of cool because I get to see the conductor.
 A friendly wave from the conductor.
 I made another attempt at shooting through the window.  I kind of like the way this one turned out.
 After backing up, it picked up the rest of its load.  I think it continues on to Pontiac.
And one more shot as it continues.