Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Eastern Michigan Basketball Vs Oakland University

I went to my first basketball game of the season last night.  It was Eastern's second game though, their first was on a workday so I couldn't go.  They won.
 Last night they were playing Oakland University from Rochester Hills, Michigan.  They are normally a pretty good Division I team and I think would make a good yardstick for Eastern.
 Raven Lee trying to find the basket.
 Raven Lee dunking a little later.
 Raven Lee would prove to have a pretty good night by scoring over 20 points.
 Jerome Hunter is one of the new additions to the team.  Here he is dunking.
 Mike Talley on defense.
 Mike Talley working his way around a defender.
Karrington Ward making a dunk that would end up being Sports Center's number one dunk for the night.  It was pretty cool.

Eastern would end up winning 89-77.  Since it is early in the season for both teams, it's hard to gage what this might mean.  If Oakland is living up to normal expectations, I think it might bode well for the Eagles.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Snowy Day in Fostoria

So I ended up going to Fostoria.  I got a later start than I hoped because I didn't want to stay there too late.
 It didn't take long for the first train to appear.  It was a BNSF train heading east.  It has been a while since I've been to Fostoria, so I wasn't sure which track it would appear on, so I didn't get quite as nice of a picture as I wanted.
 I missed the two trains that followed the BNSF because one ended up heading north and the other followed that one.  I did catch this one.
 And then I heard the mile marker outside of Fostoria, so I waited for this train.  I managed to get my favorite view here.
 So then I caught it was it was passing.  The snow started to come down, so I decided to head out.
 As I was heading out, I saw this train heading down the track, so I stopped at the depot to get shots of it.
 I kind of like the snow in the pictures.
 Sort of a shot with the station.
And one more shot before heading back home.

A Brief Stop in Toledo

I decided to head down to Fostoria today but on the way down, I decided to make a brief stop in Toledo.
 The first thing I decided to take a picture of was the Col James Schoonmaker.  She was known as the Boyer when I took a tour on her.   She was moved to her current location a few years ago.  One of these days I need to pay a visit to her and the museum near her.
 The Veterans' Glass City Bridge is a cable stayed bridge.  It was completed in 2007 and is the portion of I-280 that goes over the Maumee River.
 Another view of the Schoonmaker.
 A shot of the Toledo Skyline.
 The Wayne Anthony Bridge.  Currently it is going through pretty major renovations.
Another angle of the Toledo Skyline.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Eastern Michigan Football Vs. Western Michigan

So I went over to Kalamazoo to see Eastern Michigan play Western Michigan.  I also caught up with my cousin, so that was cool.
 I think this is one of the older campus buildings, they are going to turn it into the Alumni Center.  My cousin said they've been tearing down many of the buildings.
 So I got to the game and Western Michigan ended up running the opening the kickoff back for a touchdown.  It was at this point that I figured it was going to be one of those games.
 Bronson Hill taking the handoff from Reggie Bell.
 Western Michigan's running back finding a hole in the defense.
 A helicopter flying over the stadium.
 Bronson Hill setting up another run.
 This is Media Time Out guy, he comes out on the field when there is a media timeout.  I realize that TV is source of much of the revenue that makes many college sports possible but the amount of dead time detracts from the experience of actually being at the game.  If colleges are complaining about the number of people actually going to the games, maybe they should find a way to balance between TV and people at the games.
 Reggie Bell trying to set up for a pass.
 One of the Western players getting tackled.
 At this point it was 48-0 and I decided I would leave at the half.
Ryan Brumfield trying to poke through one of the holes.

Checking the score after the game, Eastern did manage to score a touchdown but that was it.  The final score was 51-7.

Friday, November 14, 2014

More of Chessie

When I got home I decided to take a few more pictures of Chessie.
 She peeks around a table leg.
 I don't think she knows what to make of the human and the camera.
She's eying the string.

The Saginaw Passing Detroit

So it didn't take long for the ship I waiting for to appear.  It was a good thing because the light was waning quickly.
 Fortunately, the light lingered around long enough for the Saginaw to pass.  Actually, I'm kind of glad it was around dusk because she had her lights on.
 She gets closer and with the Eye of Sauron in the background.
 I guess this isn't too bad of a spot because the background isn't quite as distracting.
 She gives me her profile.
 I kind of liked the sky in the background.  It looked pretty ominous.
 She passes by.
 And starts to get under the Ambassador Bridge.
 A better shot of the bridge.
And I kind of liked the full bridge with the ship under it.

A View From The Other Part of the Riverwalk

So I was up in Troy again today and I decided to stop in Detroit on the way home because there was a ship I wanted to catch passing by.  I knew that I would be close if I tried to catch her from Belle Isle or Milliken State Park, so I decided to head to a place I use on rare occasions.
 Apparently they finished another part of the River Walk, so I had to take a picture.  Now it stretches from near the Ambassador Bridge to the MacArthur Bridge.  I thought I had heard there were plans to extend it past the Ambassador Bridge but I'm not sure.
 Speaking of the Ambassador Bridge.  This little spot gives a fairly nice view of the Bridge.
Shortly after taking the last picture, the lights came on.