Monday, June 1, 2020

And a Stop at Point Betsie

Since it's not too far away, I decided to stop at Point Betsie as well.  The water was pretty high there as well, so I didn't walk out on the beach but I still got some decent pictures.
 I will have to say Point Betsie is one of my favorite lighthouses.  It is certainly one of the more unique looking lighthouses in Michigan.  With the roof, it almost reminds me of a barn.
So I walked over a little bit to get this angle.  I kind of like it.

As we left Point Betsie, we continued over to Sleeping Bear Dunes but they were closed.  As we got closer to Traverse City, we looked at the cherry orchards and noticed that all the cherry blossoms were gone.  We were going to head over to the Leelanau peninsula but decided it wouldn't be worth it.  So we headed home.

On the way home, I stopped at a pastie place just outside of Clare.  I highly recommend it.

Back to the Frankfort Lighthouse

So I went up to Traverse City today.  I was hoping to get some pictures of the cherry orchards up there.  I ended up taking M-115 through Frankfort to get to M-22.  That is probably the most direct route to Traverse City.
 I stopped in Frankfort to get some pictures of the lighthouse there.  I saw this view and I had to get it.  I kind of like this picture.
 Lake Michigan was angry enough and some of the waves were trying to crash over the breakwater.  It probably doesn't help that Lake Michigan is like the rest of the Great Lakes and is much higher than normal.
 So I walked along the beach front to get some different angles.
 So I waited to get some other waves.  I think I like the first one I got better.
 This is where I took a walk to the other side of the park.
 Unfortunately, I think the waves were being blocked by the lighthouse from this angle.
There were a few windsurfers there today.  I caught this one.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Blue Flag Irises in Belleville

So I ended up taking a pretty convoluted way of getting home from Crosswinds.  I was hoping to stop at the other eagles nest but I didn't realize that Haggerty takes a weird path back to I-94.  Somehow I ended up in Belleville.
 As I was passing through Belleville, I saw a flower garden with the some blue flag irises.
 I like the blue flag iris, so I stopped to get some pictures.
 I don't think they are quite fully bloomed but they still looked pretty cool.
 Some of the flowers were getting different light but I'm not sure if that is why they look different.
I kind of like this one.
 this one looked more like what I'm used to.
 I was trying some different angles.

And one more flower before heading home.

A Robin at Crosswinds Marsh

I was thinking about heading down to Monroe.  I read that there are bunch of eagle nests there but I also realized it was getting pretty late in the day.  Since it was on the way home, I decided to stop at Crosswinds Marsh.
Crosswinds Marsh is pretty close to Detroit Metro Airport.  It was created when they expanded the airport and had to clear out some wetlands.  When you remove an acre of wetland, you have to replace it with an acre and a half.   That replacement is Crosswinds Marsh.
I think there is an eagle's nest there but I'm not sure if it is abandoned or not.  I saw the nest but I didn't see anything in it.  I did however see the robin above and took a picture of it.  I think I'm gonna go back on another day when it isn't as busy.

The Federal Champlain at the Nicholson Dock

Occasionally, I will see ships unloading at Nicholson Dock.  Most of the time they are salties and I think they are unloading steel that they bring over from Europe.
 Today,  I saw the Federal Champlain.  I'm not sure if they use the ship cranes in unloading but it's pretty neat looking.
I pulled the camera back a little bit to get the Champlain and Arthur M. Anderson.

Catching the Arthur M. Anderson

I saw that the Arthur M. Anderson was upbound today.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to go to Detroit today because of the protests that are happening all across the country.   At the end, I figured they wouldn't be protesting anywhere near where I would be going, so I went to Detroit.
 My first stop was Del Ray.  That was a bit of adventure as they are doing bridge work over I-75, so I had to take a round about way of getting there.  By the time I got there, the Anderson was already passing.
 As I was looking at Marine Traffic, I figured that she was stopping for fuel, so I headed over to Riverside Park because that gave me a good spot to see her going into Mistersky Fuel Docks.
 The lighting was fairly cooperative although it was a little behind her.  I think if you look closely, you can see her fleet mate, the Great Republic, behind her.
 The Anderson slowly pulls into the dock here.
 She was on her way back from delivering a load to Conneaut, Ohio.  I think it was iron ore but I'm not 100% sure.
After she finishes fueling, she is on her way up to Stoneport to pick up a load of stone for somewhere.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Next Stop Durand

So after heading east on M-46, I thought that maybe I could go through Shiawasee.   So I headed to M-13 and then headed south to get to the Shiawasee Game Reserve.  When I got there, I found out that it was still closed for flooding and I turned around.  I continued south on M-13 to get to Durand.  Even though I got a picture of train in St. Louis, I was hoping that I could get some in Durand.  If I did, that would be great.  If I didn't, I had some pictures so the day wasn't a total bust.
 As I was getting ready to leave, I heard the sound of a train leaving the yard that is close to the station.  I think this particular train is a local train.  It was pulling some cars out of that yard.
 It turned to head east on the main line.  I thought it was going to do what they usually do when they leave this yard.  Head down the track a little bit and back in to pick up some new cars.
 Sadly, I was almost shooting into the sun, so the light wasn't the most ideal.  I still think I got some decent pictures of this engine.
 One thing nice about this spot, is the ability to get different angles.
 Like with other vehicles, I like the quarter shot.
 It continued down the track.
 This is the new color scheme for the Huron and Eastern trains.  Like I said, I think they are owned by a different company but I'm not sure of its name.
 So anyway, the train headed east on the track and got past the signal and started to back in.  It was backing in on the track that crosses to the front of the station (kind of).  It makes for a picturesque shot, so I headed over there.  It helped that it was way out.
 the lighting was better for me over here.
 And always remember that when you see one of these signs, there might be a train in the area.
 So it was backing into the other track.  I'm not sure if it was taking these cars to store over there.
 The light was just about perfect for this.
 So  I got a few different angles.

 And it looks like it about to jump out and attack.
 As I was leaving, I saw a train approaching the area, so I turned around to head back to the station.  I barely was able to get some pictures because it was moving at a pretty decent clip.
 I wish the wires weren't above.
Like everything else, I'm not a face of stern shots but I do like this one.