Sunday, February 5, 2023

Catching the Muskegon Lighthouse

 Since I was in the neighborhood, I decided to get some pictures of the lighthouse as well.

The water was nearly frozen over near the lighthouse.
It gets a little windy, so the channel marker was iced over and looked pretty cool.
The breakwater light.
Moving around a little bit to get different angles.
Another shot of the breakwater light.
And one more shot of the lighthouse before it got too nasty.

Settling on the Silversides

 Yesterday, I headed up north in the quest for snowy owls.  I made it up there.  Saw an eagle but was not in a spot where I could get a picture.  Then I went to my normal spot for snowy owls but the roads were pretty blown over and I didn't see any there.  I went looking in another spot where someone found some and the roads were nastier there, so I turned around to head back.  I came back along River Road but didn't see anything.  So no pictures from yesterday.

Today, we decided to head over to Muskegon.  There was a spot there that people said they were seeing snowy owls.  I ended up going there but there was a lot of space to cover and I didn't see any.
I decided that I didn't want to leave with an empty camera, so I headed down to the Silversides where I got some pictures of her.
I kind of like this shot.  I wish I had photoshop so that I could make it look like she's out on the ocean.
One more shot.  I would like it better if I didn't have the anchor line from the NOAA vessel in the shot.

Friday, February 3, 2023

Catching a Woodpecker

Work took me down to Ohio.  As I was heading back, we stopped at a restaurant to eat lunch.  I looked out towards the back of the parking lot and I saw this guy.  After moving the car a little closer, I was able to get some pictures.

This was with my iPhone but I will have to say it was pretty decent.  I might be able to clean it up a little more but the light was almost perfect for me.
I think this is a red bellied woodpecker.
He was looking around.
Kind of the classic woodpecker pose.
And then a squirrel came by.

I'm fairly happy with these shots given the limitations.


Sunday, January 29, 2023

The Winter Blahs

 I wasn't actually sure what the weather was going to be like yesterday and I wasn't particularly motivated to do anything.  By the time I did feel motivated, it was late  but I still wasn't sure what the weather was going to be like.  They were predicted snow and ice, so I just decided to stay home.

The weather was still unpredictable today but I had to get out, so I decided that heading to the airport was as good as anything.  Besides, the planes were landing from the south which meant going up to the parking deck.  I'll have to say, those are my favorite shots.

First up was a CRJ-900 coming in from Cleveland.
Touchdown with a little bit of smoke.
This was an A320 heading to LaGuardia, I think.
And this A320 was heading in from Baltimore.
A touch of smoke.
Bah dum.  Bah dum.......
A 717 coming in from Raleigh-Durham.
Since this is the last DC-9 derivative and I've heard it's not long for this world, I'll get a few pictures.
The rest of the plane.  This 737 was on it's way to Atlanta.
A 717 coming in from Philadelphia.
It's not often you get a picture of two of these in the same shot.
An E175 belonging to United Airlines heading off to Dulles Airport in Washington DC.
This was the plane that got me out of the apartment.
This was a Lufthansa A340 and it was heading in from Frankfurt.
I think this is another plane that is not long for this world.  Four engined planes are not efficient enough.
Touchdown with some smoke.
A 757 heading off to Fort Lauderdale.
A CRJ-900 coming in from Newark.
I think this one was coming in from Norfolk.
An A320 heading off to Windsor Locks, Connecticut.
An E175 coming in from Dayton.
And the other plane that got me out.
The 757 is by far my favorite commercial aircraft.
I'm not sure why, I just think it's a nice looking plane.
This particular one was coming in from Fort Lauderdale.
Just a few more pictures as it taxis.
It continues one.
A picture with two 757s in it.
It makes the turn for the gate.
I should have waited a split second, then I could have gotten a frontal shot.
She makes the turn.
Again, two 757s.
I like this shot.
An A319 coming in from LaGuardia.
One more shot of the 757.