Friday, February 24, 2017

Dancing Between the Stormfronts at DTW

The storm didn't last long and I was hoping that I would get some decent cloud action if I went to the airport.  Sadly it was one of those dull gray sky nights.  There was some definition in the clouds but not enough.
 Of course, I was looking for planes to go in front of those clouds.  A CRJ-200 belonging to Air Wisconsin but wearing American Eagle colors coming in from Philadelphia. 
 I'm not sure where this 747 was heading but it was kind of cool as it was taking off.  I could swear that I felt the car vibrating.
 An Embrear 170 belonging to Republic Airlines coming in from LaGuardia Airport in New York.  Republic has one of the cool callsigns as they use "Brickyard".  This plane would have been reported as Brickyard 4642. 
 Jet Blue 1237 arriving from Boston Logan Airport.  This particular aircraft is an Embrear 190.
 A CRJ-200 owned by Endevor Air coming in from Ottawa.
 An MD-90 coming in from Bradley International at Windsor Locks, CT.
 A Boeing 717 arrives from Philadelphia.
 A Spirit Airlines Airbus A320 arriving from LaGuardia.
 Another view of that plane.
 A Mad Dog 88 arrives from Baltimore.  I'm not sure how much longer these planes will be around.
Delta 19 Heavy cleared for visual approach on Runway 21L.  Detroit has four runways that run southwest.  Normally I catch planes that are landing on Runway 21L.  The 21 means that you are flying 210 degrees (almost due southwest).  Next to 21L is 21R.  The letters indicate the left or right runway.  There is also 22L and 22R.  These runways are on the other side of the terminal from where I photograph.  There are also two runways that run due west, but I don't think I've ever seen either of those runways used.
The flight was coming in from London, England and is a 767.

Thunderstorms in February

We've had an odd winter so far.  There were a couple of heavy snowstorms and after that it has been pretty mild.  It's been in the high 50's or low 60's for the past week.
 And today we actually had some thunderstorms.  I think there might have been some hale as well.
 I was hoping to get some shots of the hale but instead I got some shots of the rain.
One more shot.  As you can see it was getting dark.  The rain didn't last too long.

Cloud Covered Planes

I decided to get a quick lunch so that I would have a chance to get some plane shots at lunch.  Unfortunately it was just cloudy enough that I didn't see too many.
 I managed to catch the 747 as it headed out of the clouds.  I think this was Flight 275 to Narita.
 A Boeing 717.
I think this might be a MD-88.

Fog Covered Tracks

It was foggy as I was heading into work this morning.  I was thinking I would get a fog shrouded Water Tower but it wasn't foggy enough in the city.  I decided to head down Textile instead of my normal route, I was thinking I would get a decent shot of the tracks.
 And I think it was.  This is the Ann Arbor Railroad tracks as they head north.
and heading south.  Just a side note, these pictures were taken at the crossing.  And about 10 minutes after I took them, I heard the train.  Sadly I was already in the office at the time.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

A Slightly Different View

I decided to head to Metro Airport after work.  I was hoping to get some cloudy skies and maybe some sunset plane shots.  Between the time I left work and I arrived at the airport, the planes changed the directions they were taking off and landing from.

Normally the planes take off to the south of the airport and land from the north.  Well, it's actually south west and from the north east but close enough.  That is based on the wind direction.  It's helpful to have the winds coming from the front during take off or landing.    Occasionally the winds shift and the planes come in front the opposite direction.

The only time that happened for me while planewatching was the night when it was too foggy to get any pictures.  So I haven't been able to see what the views were like when the planes are coming from the other direction.  Tonight gave me that chance.
 The planes taking off from the eastern runway were flying overhead.  I'm not a huge fan of the belly shot but it was different.  This particular plane was an Airbus 320 belonging to Spirit Airlines.
 Next was an Airbus A319 belonging to Delta.  Unfortunately, this angle doesn't bode well for catching tail numbers, so I will only mention the plane.
 I think this is a Boeing 717 or one of the MD-80 variants.
 This of course is a CJR.  I think it is a 200.
A Delta 767 taking off on its way to Frankfurt.  I kind of like this view.  Just wish I could get a little closer.
Another shot of that plane.

I was happy to get a shot of a 757.  This particular one was on its way to Minneapolis.
A 737 taking off.
Another 737 with the 767 in the background.  It was kind of neat to have a view like this.
I think this is an Airbus 320.
An Airbus 319 against the setting sun.
Another view of that plane.
I think this is another Airbus.
An Airbus 320 belonging to American Airlines.
Another CRJ.
I'm pretty sure this is a Boeing 717.
And another.
An Airbus A330 takes off from Runway 4R on its way to Paris.
I think this is a CRJ-700.
This 737 was on its way to Las Vegas.
An Airbus A319.
A Southwest 737.  I ,actually like this view.
And another.
And I ended the night with a 757.  Again, I'm not sure where it's headed but it's my favorite plane.
I kind of like the fact that I had a chance to get a rear shot.

A Little Afternoon Planewatching

I heard a plane buzzing around the office this afternoon, so I decided to grab my camera and see what it was about.
 The plane in question wasn't this Boeing 737 belonging to Southwest Airlines but I figured I might as well get a shot of it.  I think this plane was taking off from Detroit Metro but I'm not sure where it was heading.
 It might have been this Cessna 172 flying out of Ann Arbor Airport.
It definitely wasn't this plane belonging to American Airlines that was just passing through.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Flock of Geese

I had to get gas tonight, so I stopped at the Speedway at the corner of State and Ellsworth.  I was hoping to catch a plane or two while I filled up.
Well, I did manage to catch some flying things, just not planes.