Friday, January 20, 2017

A Canadian Pacific Engine Takes a Break

I decided to stop at the airport tonight because I was hoping to catch some planes in the fog.  Unfortunately, the planes weren't landing from the normal direction and the fog was too low.  As I was heading towards the airport, I saw that there was an eastbound train, so I decided to go over to a sport where I could catch it.
Fortunately, the train stopped for a bit, so I was able to catch it.  Unfortunately, my light was fading pretty fast.
I was hoping with the open door that I would catch some of the crew members.  But they pretty much just stayed in the cab.
Because the train was stopped, I was able to get it from different angles.
I think I would have liked this shot more if I were more steady.
One more shot from the front before leaving.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Western Michigan Basketball at Eastern Michigan in Pictures

As usual, I'm posting pictures other than the game.  If you want to see game photos, go to Hustle Belt.
 Swoop showing off before the game.
 I don't normally get a good shot of the team introduction.  This one wasn't too bad.
 They were honoring both Cross Country track teams at halftime today.  The women's team made it to the NCAA finals for the first time in a long time.  The men's team did pretty well too.
 They also honored the Eastern Michigan football team because they went to a bowl game for the first time in 29 years.  They also were one of the most improved teams this year.  Hopefully they can do the same next year.
 Coach Murphy yelling at one of the refs.
 Probably my favorite picture from the game.  James Thompson tries for a basket.
And the dance team.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Honorable James L. Oberstar and the Rouge River

So the next ship was actually the first ship I saw today.  As I looked at AIS last night, I saw that I had the opportunity to catch two ships at least.  There was the possibility of catching a third ship but she was a while out and I wasn't sure that she would be passing with enough light.
 The Honorable James L. Oberstar was on her way to the Rouge River.  If she's like other Interlake Ships, she was coming from the iron docks in Marquette, Michigan.
 I wanted to catch her in the same spot where I caught the American Integrity but I didn't make it down in time.  At anyrate, I think this was a better spot because the Detroit River was as smooth as glass.
 I really like it when I can get the ship reflections in the picture.
 She continues her way down the Detroit River.
 I was kind of waffling on whether I wanted to catch the American Integrity or catch the Oberstar on the Rouge.  I wasn't sure if I would have enough time to do both.  After heading down Fort Street, I saw that the bridge was still up and that meant I would be able to catch her at the Dix Street Bridge.  They ended up moving the Ste. Claire, so I was able to take pictures from the better side of the Bridge.
 It wasn't too long before the Oberstar appeared.  It was nice that the Rouge River was fairly smooth too.
 The lighting was just about perfect for me at about this point.  It would have been better if it were closer to the golden hour.
 The river was smooth enough that I could get some reflection shots.
 As she got the closer, the reflections got better.
 She was taking her time going down the river.
 And I think I'm happiest with this shot.
 And she approaches the bridge.
 And comes out on the other side.
 It's pretty cool when I can catch shots of the crew working on the ship.  You can see the taconite in the hold.
 This guy was making sure she was far enough from the bridge.
 And because I got a ship, a train engine and a plane somewhere in this picture, I got my trifecta shot.
 A shot of her stack.
 And her stern.

 This is probably my main reason for wanting to catch ships while they go into the Rouge Steel plant.   Normally, I don't like backgrounds in my shots but I'll make an exception for this one.
 The flag trying to fly proudly but there wasn't quite enough wind.
 She slowly swings out to head into the dock.
 A little more swinging out.
If it is like in years past, she will unload her taconite at the Rouge Steel Plant and then head over to the Nicholson Dock where she will layup for the winter.

Some Randomness on the River Today

Before I post pictures of the other ship I saw, I figured I would get my river randomness out of the way.
 This channel marker kept getting beat up by the ice.  It was pretty neat hearing it too.
 I'm not sure what kind of duck this was, but it was neat to catch it in flight.
 I'm not sure about this shot.
A switcher engine through the unloading boom.

Catching the American Integrity

Normally my pictures would be in the order of when I saw the ship, but today's are going to be a little out of whack because this ship fell in between the series for the next ship.

It wasn't a particularly busy day on the river today but one of the ships was heading up the Rouge River and I like to try to catch that when possible because it makes for nice pictures.  Today was also my last chance to catch any ships.
 The American Integrity was actually the second ship I saw today.  She was part of the reason I decided to go out boatwatching.  I kind of like catching the 1000 footers, especially when I can catch them off Belle Isle (or Port Huron).
 As you can see, there is a fair amount of ice on Lake St. Clair.  It isn't enough to stop traffic and it was kind of cool to see.
 The lighting was just about perfect for me.  And here she passes Windmill Point.
 She makes her turn towards the channel.
 Which of course give me a chance for the frontal shot.
 The water was a nice blue.  Just wish it were a little calmer here.
 For as long as it takes for the ship to get to this point, it doesn't take long to pass.
 There was a fair amount of ice on the shore of Belle Isle.  It made for a nice foreground.
 And there was a fair amount of ice on her bow.
 I think I really like this shot.  The sky was just about perfect, the ice in the foreground was just about perfect.  The blue in the water was perfect.
She continues on her way.  She is headed to Conneaut, Ohio where she will unload her cargo.  I'm not sure if she is staying there for layup or will head somewhere else.  I think if she heads somewhere else, it will likely be Toledo.