Friday, October 24, 2014

Ann Arbor in Black and White

Continuing on with my black and white theme of late, I decided to head over to Ann Arbor to get some pictures for tonight.
 It's amazing how well buildings lend themselves to black and white.  It's also amazing how things come out when the picture is taken in black and white.
 One of the window displays.
 Another window display.  It seems to be dedicated to football season.  I was actually surprised to see an Eastern Michigan banner hanging in the display.
 An old school leather football helmet.
 I kind of liked the way this display ended up looking.
 Nickels Arcade from the other side.
 Hill Auditorium with the Burton Memorial Tower peeking out from behind.
 The Burton Memorial Tower peeking over some trees.
 It was getting dark and fortunately I brought my tripod with me.  I've never really done a fountain using a really slow shutter speed.  I really like the way it came out.
 It almost looking like there is a layer of fog over the water.
 From another angle.
 The Horace H. Rackham Graduate School building lit up.
 The Burton Memorial Tower.  This was probably the best angle I shot of it tonight.
 Looking down towards the Graduate Library.
 The Michigan League.
 The Museum of Natural History.  This is a pretty nice looking building, I think.
 The Samuel Trask Dana Building.  This is where the School of Natural Resources and Environment calls home.  It was originally built in 1905.  It originally housed the Departments of Anatomy, Histology, Pathology, Bacteriology, Physiological Chemsity and Hygiene.    It's kind of a nice looking building.
 A rabbit.  Sadly, I couldn't get much closer and I didn't have my other lenses with me.
 This used to be the Engineering Building until it moved to North Campus.
 The Block M at the center of the Diag.
 The old Graduate Library.
 Looking down towards the Burton Memorial Tower.
 The University of Michigan Museum of Art.
 The Michigan Union.
 Angell Hall.
 Newberry Hall.  This is where the Museum of Arcaeology is housed.
 The First Congregational Church of Ann Arbor.
 I decided this shot had to be in color.
 Looking down State Street.
And one more shot in Black and White,.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The John G. Munson in Black and White

I decided to do the ship in black and white.  I don't normally do ships in black and white, but I figured it would be fitting for a classic laker.
 The classic laker in this case was the John G. Munson.  Shooting on the Detroit River at sunset is not bad but sometimes you are shooting right into the sun.
 But not for long.  I kind of like this in black and white, I may have to do this again at some point.
 She's a pretty nice looking ship in color or black and white.
 She gives me the almost straight out shot.
 And the straight out shot.
 As she heads out to Lake Huron, the sun starts to shine on her hull giving a nicer picture.
And one more.

A Sunny Sunset on Belle Isle

I was up at the Troy office today and I saw that a ship would be passing Detroit around the time I would be heading home, so I decided to stop there on the way home.
 The ship was a few minutes away but I saw a helicopter almost as soon as I got on the fish dock.
 I seriously hope this wasn't the ship I was waiting for.  That would be a pretty cruel joke on the part of AIS.
 I'm sure there is a ship called Seagull but this isn't it.  I was doing some of the shots in black and white based on a facebook challenge.
 A seagull in flight.  A flock of one.  It sounds almost like a band.
I loved the stillness of the ponds.  Made for some pretty cool reflections.
 This is a pretty cool looking bridge and I don't think I've caught it before.
 I thought the Nancy Brown Peace Carillon looked really cool.  It was also playing music while I was taking pictures.
 It so much fun, I had to do another.
 I opted for color on this one.
 And this one.
 Back to black and white for General Alpheus Williams.
 I liked the other angles.
 And one more.
And a horse of a different sort.  Well, a Corvette of a different sort.