Saturday, January 16, 2021

An Even Briefer Stop at the Airport

 As I was heading back, I saw that I had a little bit of light left.  So I checked flight radar to see what was coming in.  And there were two planes that I was interested in.

A CRJ-200 comes in from Pellston.  This wasn't the plane I was interested in.
This 767 was coming in from Orlando.  It was one of the planes I was interested in.
Another picture of it.
And the other plane I was waiting for.
It was a 757 coming in from Atlanta.
I think I've read somewhere that if you are certified to fly the 757, you are also certified to fly the 767.
Or it might be pretty easy to get certification for it.
Anyway, the 757 is my favorite.
One more shot.
I waited a little longer for this plane.
It was a Spirit Airlines A321 coming in from Cancun.  I think I've also read that if you are certified for the A319, you can get certified for the A320 and A321 pretty easily.  If I remember correctly, the cockpits for all three are the same.  In the long run, that helps with safety and it also helps with training costs.

An Eagle on Belle Isle

 As I was leaving Belle Isle, I was hoping that I would see the eagle because the lighting was just about perfect.  And sure enough, I ended up seeing him.

He was up in his normal spot on the island.
I think he hangs out here because he has a good view of the pond and the river.
They are pretty majestic looking birds.
And they look even cooler in the wild.
He stood up in the tree for a while.
Unfortunately, I didn't get to catch him in the air.
But still looking cool.
He was looking around.
There was a little crowd assembled at this point.
I thought for sure, he'd fly away.

He flipped around for a bit.
And then he flipped back around.

One more picture before moving.

The American Mariner Passes Belle Isle

 Sunday wasn't much better for river traffic.  This particular ship was fueling at the Mistersky Dock.  I figured I would wait for it to go up and then I would try to catch her at Belle Isle.

I wish I had a better idea of how long it takes for a ship to fuel.  Something tells me that it may depend on the ship because they might use different types of fuel.
I think the most common type of fuel is Bunker C.  It is a heavy residual fuel from the distillation process.
It is also the reason why many companies have been installing scrubbers on their stacks.
Without the scrubbers, they will have to go to a higher grade of fuel which means a higher cost.
I think the American Mariner was heading up from Ashtabula and she was heading up to Superior, Wisconsin.
She would be picking up iron ore there and  I think she is heading down to Gary to both deliver her last load and head into layup.
I wish the ships were a little faster because if they were, I had a chance to catch two of them today.  I think many of the ships are delivering the last of their loads.
The Welland Canal closed at the end of the year and is currently drained.  The Soo Locks closed at 4:00A.M. this morning after the Walter J. McCarthy passed through.  The Welland will open sometime the week of March 8th.  The Soo Locks will open on March 15th.
Anyway, I've discovered that there is always some shipping during the off season.  Those are ships that don't need to use either set of locks.
So I don't say good bye to the shipping season.

A Brief Stop at Durand

 While I have been remiss at updating my blog, I haven't been terribly remiss at taking pictures.  I haven't minded taking pictures but I haven't really felt like posting lately.  I was going to try to get pictures of ships last Saturday but I missed my window.  I wanted to get pictures of something, so I decided to head up to Durand.  The weather in the morning wasn't terribly cooperative and that was part of the reason.

There wasn't much wind, so I decided to bring my drone up too.  It was kind of cool to get the drone out although I wish I could have taken pictures of ships.  Oh well.
It wasn't long before I saw my first train.
It was a pretty nice day and the sun was shining.
Unfortunately, it gave nasty shadows for the drone.
Another angle of the station.
And then another train appeared.  The lighting was better for this one.
I really wish I know the different types.
It was carrying Auto Racks.  I think it was heading to the GM plant in Lansing.
Another angle, I kind of like this shot.
And one more.
This train kind of snuck up on me.  If you look in the window, you can see the train from the last shot.
But I did catch some drone shots of both.
Another one.
And the third train.
Some tractors.
I had some battery left, so I decided to take some pictures from around.
A GT caboose.
From slightly higher.
Another overall shot of the Durand station.