Sunday, March 19, 2023

A Selfie of Sorts

 I looked down at the ground and I liked the shadow I cast.

I was wearing my boonie hat today.  With the sunsetting, I cast a long shadow.

Catching a Seagull

 There was a seagull nearby.

While I had a little loll, I took a picture.

The Afternoon at the Aluminum Aviary

 I was thinking about going back to Ottawa today but I wasn't terribly motivated and I got a late start.  I ended up at the airport instead.  I decided to spend the afternoon there which is something I haven't done in a while.  

First up was an A320 belonging to Delta.
It was coming in from Boston.
There were quite a few 757s today.  This was the first and I almost missed it.
It was coming in from Orlando.
A CRJ-700 coming in from Montreal.
It was followed by a CRJ-900 coming in from Richmond.
The Spirit in the arches.
A 737 coming in from Atlanta.
I couldn't make out the tail number, so I don't know where this one was coming in.  I think it might have been Cancun.
A CRJ coming in from anywhere.
One of the planes that got me out.
This was a 787 belonging to Lufthansa.  In fact, I think it is the first of the type they bought.
It was coming in from Frankfurt.
Nice sunny day.
But a little windy.
A 777 coming from Doha but I don't remember where it was going.
A CRJ-900 from Charlotte.
I liked the clouds, so here's this one.
An A330 that was also coming from Frankfurt.  It must have taken off shortly after the 787.
A CRJ-700 coming in from Atlanta.
An A321 from Tampa.
Another plane that I was waiting for.
This one is a 757-200 or the not stretch version.
I don't  see many of them.
And even fewer without the winglets.
It was coming in from Fort Lauderdale.
An American Airlines 737 from Charlotte.
An A321 from somewhere.
A 737 from Tampa.
This is another one I haven't seen much of lately.  It is a ERJ-145 and it was coming in from Philadelphia.
A CRJ-700 from Reagan National in Washington DC.
An A319 from LaGuardia.
This was a Dassault Falcon.
I thought it looked pretty cool.
A 717 coming in from Raleigh Durham.
Another shot of it.
And another 757.
It was coming in from Orlando.
The stretch one looks cool but I like the other better.
I like this angle.

A beam shot.
An A330 coming in from Amsterdam.
A CRJ-900 coming in from Toronto.
I kind of wish we would get a proper Air Canada flight.
An A320 from Tampa.
Another 757.
This one was also coming in from Fort Lauderdale.
I like this angle.
But I like this one more.
The almost beam shot.
And a beam shot.
A Cessna Citation.
An A321 coming in from Palm Beach.
An A320 from Atlanta.  I didn't think there were any more of this Spirit livery.
An A319 from Miami.
A Phenom.
Another flight I was waiting for.
Mainly because I haven't seen it in a while.
This particular flight is Fed Ex Flight 505.
It is an MD-11 coming in from Memphis.
One more shot.
An American 737 from Dallas.
A 777 belonging to Air France.
I caught this flight yesterday.
But I figured I would catch it today.
I just wish it would have used its normal runway.
One more shot before heading home.