Monday, January 20, 2020

A Visit to the Snow Globe Aviary

We got hit with a pretty big snowstorm Friday night/Saturday morning.  That kind of precluded any sort of photography on Saturday.  The river was pretty barren yesterday, so I decided to head to the airport for a little bit.  It was pretty cold yesterday, so I didn't stay for long.
 I was not expect to see this plane.  Normally, when I got to the place to get pictures from eastern end of the airport, I get planes that come in from the East.  This A350 was arriving from Narita, Japan and it was coming in on my runway.
 It was pretty cool to see though.
 One of the planes that made me want to go to the airport.
 This was a 757 arriving from Tampa.
 It was followed by another 757.
 This particular one was coming in from Fort Myers.
 the long one is a 757-300.
 And I think it is a nice looking plane.
 An A319 coming in from LaGuardia.
 A new regional took over for Air Canada Express.  They also have the new livery.  I may have to rethink what planes I call the "trash panda".
 This was another plane that was coming in from the west.
 In this case, a 757-200 coming in from Los Angeles.
 Because I like the plane, I will post more angles of it.
 I do love this plane.
 Probably my favorite angle.
 the other plane that got me out spotting.
 An A330 belonging to Lufthansa.
 It was arriving from Frankfurt, Germany.
 A 737 coming in from Fort Lauderdale.
 It was followed by an E190 belonging to AeroMexico from Queretaro, Mexico.
 An A320 coming in from Reagan National in Washington DC.
 An E175 coming from LaGuardia.
 An A321 coming in from Phoenix.
 This one was kind of a surprise.  It is a Dassault Falcon business jet.
 And I ended my day with a 717 from Philadelphia.
 I kind of like the way it was slicing through the snow.
One more shot before heading home.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Eastern Michigan Basketball - Vs. Ball State

I went to my first basketball game of the season.  I've been meaning to go to one sooner but the schedule hasn't seemed to work out for me.  Eastern Michigan would finish non-conference play at 10-3.  They started 0 and three in the MAC.  They were looking to get their first win in the MAC.
It looked like it was going to be a good game.  Eastern Michigan managed to get a brief lead but only to watch it evaporate to a nice Ball State run.  Eastern Michigan would find themselves down at halftime and would manage to pull within 4 but the Ball State made a pretty nice run to finish the game 69 to 52.  There's still quite a bit of season left in the MAC but Eastern Michigan finds themselves in a tough spot.

Anyway, there is another game on Saturday.  If you want to see more pictures from the game, go to Hustle Belt.

Sunday Afternoon at the Aluminum Aviary

On Sunday, I wanted to go take pictures but I wasn't sure what the roads would be like after raining pretty much all day Saturday.  I was thinking that I would go down to Belle Isle but I heard that part of the roads down there were flooded.  I didn't feel like going to another spot to get pictures of the ship coming down.  I still wanted to get some pictures, so I decided to go get some plane pictures.
 I decided to start on top of the parking garage.  It has been a while since I have taken pictures of planes coming in from the north from there.  And I'll have to be honest, I should go there more often.  It gives some nice variety for my pictures.
 This CRJ-900 was arriving from Rochester, New York.
 Of course, it was the 757s that attracted me.  I saw that there were at least two of them coming in for the length of time I wanted to stay.
 This one was arriving from Fort Myers, Florida.
 It taxis towards the gate.
 And two of my favorite aircraft in one picture.  The bottom plane is a 717 which is a descendant of the DC-9.
 An A321 takes off as another 757 comes in for a landing.  the A321 is on its way to Atlanta.
 The 757 was arriving from Tampa.

 As it passes the UPS planes in the background.
 A 737 taking off for Fort Lauderdale.
 Another angle of that plane.
 Another picture of the 757 coming in from Tampa.
 A CRJ heading somewhere.
 Another A321 taking off.
 This particular one was heading to Washington Reagan Airport.
 An A319 coming in from Reagan Airport.
 Heading for the gate.
 Another CRJ taking off.
 An ERJ-145 arriving from Philadelphia.
 A 717 taking off for Charlotte.
 A 717 coming in from Philadelphia.
 A 717 arriving from Raleigh Durham.
 An A319 arriving from LaGuardia.
 A 717 coming in from Baltimore.
 An A320 coming in from Boston.
 And I was able to catch another 757.
 This one was arriving from Orlando.
 Another angle of it.
 And one more.
 Another 717 coming in from Baltimore.
 A Gulfstream coming in.
 I decided to stick around for one more plane.
 The A220 is growing on me.  I really like the looks of this plane.
 This particular one was arriving from JFK in New York.
And one more shot.  As you can see, it was a pretty nice day but it was a little cold.