Thursday, May 21, 2015

Ending With Thunder Bay

And then there are ships that I see fairly often.
 Despite being two years old, it seems like I've seen the Thunder Bay a few times now.
 I guess I'm fine with that since she's not a bad looking ship.  but then again, there aren't too many ships that I wont say that about.
 I think I like her pilothouse the most.  It looks different than some of the other pilothouses.  In fact, it looks like it gives you pretty good visibility.
 You can definitely see canal rash on her but that is pretty common to Canadian boats as they pass through the Welland quite a bit.
 She is heading to Chicago.
 Sadly, my light was waning because I saw another ship heading down.
 She passes Maria.
She continues on her way up the St Clair River.  She will head up Lake Huron, pass under the Mackinac Bridge into Lake Michigan and then continue down Lake Michigan to Chicago.  I'm not sure what she is delivering there though.

Maria...the First Time I've Seen Here

Usually if there is a ship I haven't seen, it's because it's a new build or it's a salty.
 Given that this vessel is operated by Groupe Desgagnes out of Quebec City, I'm not sure what category she fits in.  I think she can serve the role of a salty but I'm not sure.
 She's not particularly new as she was built in China in 1999.  She started life as the Kilchem Asia but she only kept that name for a year. 
 She's only 393 feet long and can carry a little over 13,000 tons of cargo.
 Either way, she's a pretty nice looking boat but if you look at the scuffs, you can tell she's a hard worker.  I think that's a symptom of having to go through the Welland every so often.
I like the color scheme of this particular company.
And one more shot as she continues on her way to Quebec City.

An Evening With the Callaway

While the title sounds like I was going to see a famous musician, I wasn't.  Instead I was going to see a classical looking freighter.
 The Cason J. Callaway is one of four AAA freighters that are run by Great Lakes Fleet.  Currently the Anderson is undergoing work, so that means that the Callaway has to pick up some slack.
 Fortunately, she is just coming off some maintenance work herself and sports the new coat of paint to show for it.  It's amazing that she is almost 60 years old and she still runs like a clock.
 I had to stop at a spot I wasn't planning on, but I still managed to get the headshot.
 Actually, the spot I was at wasn't too bad.  Although I'm not sure I like the stuff in the background.
 That's okay, the light was shining and there were a couple of clouds in the sky.
 Which was enough for the "golden light".
 It was a shame that the water wasn't calmer.
 The Callaway continues on her way.  I believe she picked up stone near Alpena and is taking it down to Conneaut, Ohio.
 I decided to head over to Marysville because I wanted more shots of her.
 She passes the subject of my next post.
 It's amazing that at different angles she looks so dainty.
 But don't let that fool you, she's a hard working ship.
 And sometimes she has the marks to show for it.
 I love the purples in the sky.
 A shot of her pilothouse.
 And her deckhouse.
She slowly approaches the subject of another upcoming post.

A Quick Look at the Indiana Harbor

When I say that I didn't get to see the Indiana Harbor, what I should have said is that I didn't see her right away.
It turns out that she had just passed St. Clair and if I were a little faster I might have caught her.  I wasn't and I didn't really.  She was heading to the St. Clair Power Plant to deliver coal.  Apparently there is a spot on the Canadian side where I can catch her turning but I had bigger fish to fry.  Besides, I'm sure I'll see her again.

The Kathy Lynn Passes St. Clair

It was a nice enough night, so I decided to see what was coming down the river.  Since there was a ship that I like heading down, I decided to go boatwatching tonight.
 First I headed to St. Clair in the hopes of catching the Indiana Harbor.  I didn't catch her but I saw this tugboat pushing a barge.
 Turns out that the tug was the Kathy Lynn which I saw one of the times I was down in Cleveland.
 I was pretty happy to see her since it doesn't seem like I catch tugboats all that much.  Or I just don't know when to go looking for them.  At any rate, a proper tugboat looks pretty cool.
It didn't take too long for her to pass.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Trains in Fostoria

So then I decided to head over to Fostoria.  It seemed like there weren't too many more trains passing through Deshler.  Of course as I headed over to Fostoria, I saw two trains that would have been passing Deshler soon.
 Fostoria is pretty nice because I get a chance to see the Norfolk-Southern trains.  I also get the normal view of the trains as they are coming from the west.  This is probably one of my favorite views.
 Sadly, I didn't get the headshot.
 One more shot of that engine.
 I wish I would have been paying attention to the horns because I would have moved to the sport where I could get this as a headshot.
 This looks like an old Union Pacific engine.
 The Spock Car.
And one more shot.

A Brief Moment in Deshler

Most of the River traffic had passed by the time I awakened, so I decided to head down to Deshler for a bit.  It was a pretty nice day for it.
 A shot of the old traffic tower.
 The old train station.
 I kind of liked this shot but I think I would like it more if there were an approaching train.
 It wasn't too long before a train appeared.
 It was carrying an Intermodal load.
 I kind of like this shot because it looks like it goes on forever.
 Another approaching train.
 The train with the train station and tower.
 A close up of the engine.
 I kind of like colors on the cars.
 This train is apparently special.  It is named the Spirit of Louisville.  It was kind of wierd because as I looked at the cars, they all said the CSX Grain Express.  It was kind of cool but not as cool as seeing one of the Norfolk-Southern Heritage units.
 I think this train got mixed in somehow.
And the Spirit of Louisville.