Saturday, October 10, 2015

Eastern Michigan Football Vs Akron in Pictures

It was such a nice game that I decided to go to a football game.  Well it seems like I'm always going to a football game.  Despite the results on the scoreboard, it is still pretty fun to catch the game from my normal vantage point.  As usual, I am posting pictures other than the game itself here.  If you want pictures of the game itself, go to Eagle Totem.
 The students are usually into the game.  At least for a while.
 Coach Creighton contemplating some sort of strategy.
 A helicopter flying over the stadium probably made my day though.
 Swoop celebrating a touchdown.
 And the band played Star Wars at halftime.
 One of the drum majors conducting the halftime show.
 They sounded pretty good.  It was a pretty convincing Star Wars.
 The flag girls.
 Zippy the Pinhead...err, Mascot.
 I kind of liked the reflection of the Wall of Fame on the Convocation Center.
 And probably my favorite shot of the game itself.  Daugherty stretching out for a touchdown.
 The dance and cheer team doing one of their routines.
 Another shot of the dance team.
 Swoop during an intermission in the game.
 Something else that made my day.
 The sun setting over Rynearson.
 I think this is a C-17 Cargo plane but I'm not 100 percent sure.
 I liked the way the sun was hitting the other side of the stadium.
As I was leaving.....

Eastern would end up losing 47-21 but I think this team is moving in the right direction.  If they could shore up that defense, they would be something least in the MAC.

A Stop at Jackson Railyard

I went to my aunt's for her birthday party today and since it was on the way, I decided to make a stop at the Jackson Railyard.
 There aren't a ton of trains here but it seems like they aren't moving on the weekends.  Or at least, they weren't moving today.
 The lighting was just about right since I was shooting from the right side.
 It seems like Norfolk-Southern takes pretty good care of their engines.  You don't see a ton of rust on them.
 The ES-40 is probably my favorite style of modern train.
 While it is not quite as rounded as the classic diesel engines, it still looks kind of like a face.
 And if you try to play beat the train and lose, it's a face that will mess you.
 Although the more utilitarian looking diesels are pretty cool too.
 Back to the first one.
 This one was sitting in the yard all alone.
 Like I said, it's a pretty small yard.  I couldn't stay to catch the passing Wolverine though.
I kind of liked the flag in the background, so I took another picture of this one.

Friday, October 9, 2015

An Evening at the Ann Arbor Airport

So I decided to stop at the Ann Arbor Airport on the way home.  I looked at the skies and I liked the way they look.  I was also hoping there would be a couple planes flying around and it seems that I got my wish.
 As I was parking, I looked over and saw this Beechcraft King Air coming in for a lading.
 I'm not sure if this is one I've seen before, but I'll have to admit the turboprops sounded kind of cool.
 A side shot.
 This is the plane that gave me some confidence, because I saw it circling around the airport.
 And I'll have to admit, the sky looked pretty cool.
 Another Cessna preparing to taking off.
 This guy kept doing touch and goes.
 A side shot.
 And then I saw the Michigan Survival Flight helicopter passing by.  This particular helicopter is a Eurocopter EC155 which is a development from the Dauphin family.  It first flew in 1997 and production started in 1999.  It has a top speed of 201 miles per hour.  It is crewed by 1 or 2 pilots and can carry 13 passengers. 
 A Piper Arrow taking off.
 And it hits the air.
 The Michigan Survival Flight Helicopter landing.
This one is a Diamond Air DA-20.  This particular aircraft comes out of Austria and looks pretty cool.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Huey Cobra

As you are wandering the countryside, there are things that you don't expect to see.
 One of those things is a Huey Cobra.  This was donated as a memorial to the people of Ashtabula County that died in the Vietnam War.
 It's kind of sad to look at the discolored area and realizing that it was someone defacing this.  I seriously hope they caught the jerks.
 The memorial itself.
One more angle before moving on.

I will have to say that I had lots of fun seeking out the covered bridges of the area.  I just wish I would have used a more efficient route.  I guess I will realize that the next time I visit the area.  I think there are a couple more areas in Ohio where I can see a few covered bridges.  I will have to check them out.

The Bridges of Ashtabula County - Part II

I find myself asking the question of why do I have to go to far flung places like Ohio and Indiana to see covered bridges when there are many rivers that snake around Michigan.  You would think that combined with the amount of lumber in Michigan, there would be more of them.

Maybe the answer lies in the fact that many of these bridges were restored in the early 1980's.  This might have corresponded with a resurgence of interest in covered bridges.  It is possible that many of Michigan's covered bridges fell into disrepair well before that time.  The other possible answer is that Michigan was making money hands over fists off it's timber trade and used other materials for its bridges.  Still, it seems like there would be more of them.
 In the interest of avoiding post fatigue, I decided to break this up into two parts.  The Olin's Bridge was built in 1873 and it carries Dewey Road over the Ashtabula River.
 It is named after the family who owned the land next to the bridge.  In fact this family still owns the land next to the bridge.  Alson and Alvina Olin came to this area in 1832 from New York.
 This bridge was renovated in 1985.
 Probably one of the more interesting covered bridges I saw was the Smolen-Gulf Bridge.  At 613 feet, it is the longest covered bridge in the United States and the fourth longest in the world.
 It was built to replace the old steel bridge that was built in 1949.  That bridge replaced the Crooked Gulf covered bridge which was built in 1867.
 The bridge itself was designed by John Smolen and construction began in 2006.  It cost almost $8 million to build and construction was completed in 2008.
 In 2010, there was a visitor's pavilion added.
 The view from the other side of the river.
 The Giddings Road Covered bridge was built in 1995 with funding from the ODOT Timber Grant.
 It is 107 feet long.
 The bridge is a Pratt Truss.
 The Netcher Road Bridge was built in 1998 and is one of the newest covered bridges in the area.  It was designed by John Smolen, Jr.
 It was also funded by an ODOT timber grant.
 The South Denmark Road Covered Bridge was built in 1895.
 In 1975, it was bypassed by another bridge but is still open to light traffic.
 I think this is the Caine Road Bridge.  It was built in 1986 in honor of Ashtabula County's 175th Anniversary.  It was also designed by John Smolen Jr.
 It is a Pratt Truss design.
 And still pretty neat.
 The Doyle Road Covered Bridge was built in 1868 and renovated in 1987.
 the Bridge spans Mills Creek which is named after the family that settled it in early days.
 The Mechanicsville Bridge was built in 1867.  It is believed to be the oldest Bridge in the County.
 It was closed to traffic in 2004 while undergoing renovation.  At this time, traffic was rerouted over a nearby Bridge.  I'll have to say this one is in pretty good shape.
 The Harpersfield Covered Bridge is pretty unique in that it is fed by a steel bridge on one side.  The Covered Bridge was built in 1868 and the steel span was added in 1913. 
 In 1992, the bridge was renovated.
 At 228 feet, this is the third longest covered bridge in Ohio.
 I'll have to say it was a pretty neat looking bridge.
 I have no idea why this bridge was on the list of bridges to see.  I guess it is a bridge and it is covered, therefore it is a covered bridge.  It is named the West Liberty Bridge and was built in 2011.  It was designed by John Smolen and has been called the shortest covered bridge in the United States.
 The Riverdale Road Covered Bridge was built in 1874.  In 1945, the center steel bracing was replaced and in 1981, the bridge was renovated.  A concrete abutment was added at the west end after the road was washed out.
It was race against the sunlight to catch this bridge.  It was getting late and approaching the time that I wanted to leave the area but I figured I had one more bridge to catch, so I caught it.  The Windsor Mills Bridge was built in 1867 and renovated in 2004.  The bridge sits atop stone abutments.

So there you have the bridges.  I think I'm going to have to head out that way at some point in the future.