Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Birds of a Different Sort

There was another ship I wanted to catch while I was at Riverside but I found out that she was going to turn up into the Rouge River and I wouldn't get a chance to catch her.  It also looked like she would be appearing a little after sunset which wouldn't do me much good.  So I decided to head over to the airport.  I was hoping to catch the Fed Ex DC-10 and possibly the Air France A340.
 It turns out that I just missed the Fed Ex plane but I had a chance to catch the Air France plane, so I went to my normal planewatching spot.  First up was a CRJ-200.  This was arriving from Akron, OH.
Next up is a Delta A330 coming from Beijing.
 This CRJ was arriving from White Plains.
 A CRJ-700 arriving from Dulles Airport in Washington DC.
 This MD-82 was arriving from Dallas.  I think I read somewhere that American Airlines was retiring these soon.
 A CRJ-900 arriving from Manchester.
 I think this 737 was arriving from John Wayne Airport in California.
 A Spirit Airlines plane arriving from Myrtle Beach in Florida.
 A Boeing 717 arriving from Providence, RI.
 Another Spirit A320, this one was arriving from Las Vegas.
 The Air France A340 arriving from Paris.
 Of course, I always try to catching pictures of the 757.  This particular one was coming in from San Francisco.
An MD-88 arriving from Newark, New Jersey.
A Boeing 717 arriving from Rochester, NY.
This 737 was arriving from San Diego.
 A CRJ-100 arriving from Binghamton, New York.
 My almost last plane of the evening was another 757.
 This particular one was arriving from Orlando, Florida.
 It would have been a nice end to the night except for...
 The Dassault Falcon arriving on 21R.
And a nice sunset shot to end the evening.

A Couple of Birds

One of the things that I like about boatwatching is that it occasionally presents the opportunity to do a little birdwatching.
 Occasionally I will see ducks. 
But most of the time, I see seagulls.

The Huron Maid Passes By

Next up was a vessel I wasn't expecting to see.
 The people who run the J.W. Westcott II also run a pilot service.  They will transfer pilots to the passing salties.
 I think they will also deliver pilots to ships that are docked along the river.  I'm not sure where they picked this pilot up from but it was down river a bit.  I suspect it was the ship that was docked at the grain elevator in Windsor.
Anyway, she's a nice looking boat.
 And one more shot.

The Frontenac Passes Riverside Park

Of course the next ship is the one that caught my interest.
 It seems like many of the classic Canadian lakers are disappearing left and right.  Currently CSL has the CSL Tadoussac in layup but I think they may be waiting for the later fall grain deliveries.
 The Frontenac seems to keep soldiering on though.  And it almost looks like CSL has repainted her fairly recently, so that gives me some degree of confidence she's not going anywhere.
 One of the things about the Canadian boats is that they occasionally will go up near the mouth of the St. Lawerence River.  This means that they get to see more of the brackish waters and that tends to have a bad effect on their longevity.  They also tend to go through more canals, which means more opportunities for scrapes and dents.
 Here she is passing the Mississagi.
 It was a pretty nice night except that I was kind of shooting into the sun.
 But the red of her hull came out nicely as she started to pass the Ambassador Bridge.
And one more shot.

The Mississagi at Sterling Fuel Docks

I had to go into the Troy office on Friday too but I was able to get out in time to catch a couple of boats.
 The Mississagi just finished unloading on the Rouge River and apparently needed to get gas, so she was stopped at the Sterling Fuel Docks in Windsor.
The Sterling Fuel docks started in 1993 when McAsphalt Industries purchased a dormant fuel dock in Windsor.  It has grown since.  It is right across the river from the Mistersky Fuel Docks in Detroit and I think ships will play off each of the docks.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Point Aux Barques Lighthouse

After catching the Munson, I continued up the eastern Michigan coast.  I decided that I wanted a steak sandwich from Bay City.
 I also ended up stopping at the Point Aux Barques lighthouse.  It is almost at the tip of the thumb.
 And a pretty nice lighthouse to boot.
 The clouds were pretty cool.

And one more shot.

The John G. Munson on Lake Huron

The next ship was one I wanted to catch sooner but I dallied with the other ships too long.
 The John G. Munson was making her way up.  I would have caught her but I decided to catch the H. Lee White instead.  Oh well.  Great Lakes Fleet just repowered the Munson, so its not like she's going anywhere in the near future.
I wanted to give a view of what it normally looks like on Lake Huron.