Thursday, June 21, 2018

A Couple Mallards

I usually have a chance to catch some fowl creatures.
 Tonight was no different, as I was able to catch this mallard.
He was being followed by a female mallard.

A Flying Chinook

Even though I wasn't out that long, it was a pretty busy night photographing.  Most of it was not expected.
 I also heard the distinctive sound of this helicopter.  I looked up and was able to get some pictures.
 It is a CH-47 Chinook Helicopter and it operates out of Selfridge.
 I think it was doing some training stuff.
 It was pretty cool to see.
Just wish I could have gotten closer.

Some Planes

As I was taking pictures of the Tadoussac, I heard some planes in the sky.
 I've seen these planes before.  They at TG-7A training gliders made by Schweizer.  In civilian terms, they are called SGM 2-37 and they are motorized.
 Twelve them were built and half of those went to the Air Force Academy.  In 2003, they were transferred to the Tuskegee Airmen Museum in Detroit.
I'll have to say it's a pretty neat looking plane.

The Return of an Old Friend

It has been close to four years since I last saw the next ship.
 I think she was in layup for a while and then I heard that she might be scrapped but it seems that she's come back from the dead.  Even after I found out that she was out again, it seems like she was never passing at a time when I could catch her.
 Which of course made me want to see her all the more because I think she is another ship living on borrowed time.  Again, that's a shame because she's such a nice looking ship.
 Here she is being followed by the Detroit Princess.
 The Detroit Princess backed away a little bit, so I could get some clean shots of her.
 Well except for the background of Windsor.
 She is heading up to Duluth.  From Detroit that is roughly two days sailing time.
 I'm not sure what she is picking up there.  I'm guessing coal.
 Anyway, it was nice to see her.
She continues up the river.

Catching Up With the Cedarglen

The next ship was kind of a surprise.  I wasn't really paying attention to the downbound ships because I thought I was going to head up to Port Huron and I would miss them.  So when I saw this one on Marine Traffic, I was kind of happy.
 Even though it's been a couple months since I've last seen her, I always like to catch the Cedarglen when I can.
 Especially since I've heard she's one of the ships that may end up on the chopping block soon.  Which would be a shame because she's such a unique looking ship.
 With the introduction of the Chinese built ships, these ships may end up being scrapped.
 Anyway, when I caught her tonight she was on her way to Quebec with a load of grain (I'm guessing).
 She continues on her way to Quebec.  I think that is another two day journey for her.
And she passes the next ship.

A Robinson R44 Helicopter

As I was taking pictures of the Leitch, I heard the sound of a helicopter.
It was a Robinson R44.  The Robinson R44 was developed from the R22.  It is a four seat helicopter (where the R22 is two).  It is powered by a Lycoming IO-540 engine which gives it 245 horsepower.  It has a top speed of 150 miles per hour.  It has been the best selling general aviation helicopter since 1999.  Since its introduction in 1993, over 5,800 have been produced.

The John D. Leitch Makes an Appearance at Belle Isle

I decided that I wanted to go photographing tonight.  First I looked at Flight Radar to see if there would be any planes passing.  Sadly, the Air France flight was canceled tonight.  So I took a look at Marine Traffic and saw that there would be three ships passing at about a time I could catch them.
 Originally, I was going to head up to Port Huron to catch them but then I saw that two of the ships had stopped for fuel.  That gave me the chance to catch them at Belle Isle instead.
 Which is nice because that meant my drive wasn't that long.
 First up was the John D. Leitch belonging to Algoma Central.  I'm not sure where she loaded but she was headed to Gary.
 That could mean she was carrying iron ore or stone.  But given that she was heading from this direction, I'm going to guess that she was carrying stone.
It was nice to see her because I haven't seen her in a while.