Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Catching a Seaplane

So I got to the part of the weekend that I wanted to do which was boatwatching.
 As I was waiting for my first ship of the morning, I saw this guy pass over.  I managed to catch a picture of him as he passed by.
 I thought that would be the last picture I would get of this plane which is a 1956 Cessna 180.
 It turns out that he was coming in for a landing in the little pond that is behind Mission Point.
 Unfortunately, I couldn't get over there fast enough to catch the plane as it landed.
 I did managed to catch it as it taxied to the dock.  I think this might be favorite picture of the set.
 Although this one is pretty close.
He was greeted by a Customs Agent.

A Stop at the Mackinac Bridge

So we continued on our way to the Upper Peninsula.  I didn't see anything compelling me to stop in Mackinaw City.   We decided to get pasties in St. Ignace though and I went over to the Bridge View Park to eat dinner and get some pictures.
 I think the pictures ended up being better from this side anyway.  Although, I think I might have missed the Anderson passing by.
 The sky looked pretty nice.
 Another angle.
 There were still some flowers.  I tried to get a picture of the bridge in the background.  I think I should have adjusted the f-stop.
 the Bridge Worker statue.
One more picture of the bridge.

M-119 - The Tunnel of Trees

We made it to M-119.
 M-119 is a stretch of highway that follows along the Lake Michigan shore from Petoskey to Cross Village.  It is approximately 27 miles long.
 When you first catch it, it looks like a fairly normal stretch of highway.  There are a few trees around it.
 As you continue, it goes into a road that is barely wide enough to contain two cars and it is probably one of the prettiest drives in the state of Michigan.  Unfortunately, the trees were just starting to change color.  I would imagine that it would look nicer in a couple of weeks.
 It is also a very curvy road and you can see Lake Michigan at parts of it.  I saw a ship off on the horizon but I couldn't find a decent place to stop in order to get a decent picture of it.
 It was fairly busy but I was able to stop in order to get some pictures.  This also gives you a hint of the "tunnel" part of it.
One more shot of it.
We were going to eat dinner at Leg's Inn but it was surprisingly busy and it didn't look like we would get a place in a reasonable amount of time, so we continued on.

Deadman's Hill

We continued north on US-131 to head to Petoskey in order to catch M-119.  On the way over, my mom told me about a place called Deadman's Hill.  It is about 30 miles south of Petoskey and is on what's called Deadman's Hill Road.
As the road ends, there is a little park and you see a sign indicating a scenic overlook.  In this picture you are overlooking the Jordan River Valley and unfortunately, the picture doesn't do it justice.  You really need to see it for yourself.
It is so named because a young lumberjack named Stanley Graczyk died there.  In 1910, he was to marry his sweetheart and on the morning of his wedding, he was working these ridges.  He was driving a team of horses and a big wheel loaded with timber.  The big wheel slipped out of control and ran over him.  It was given the name ever since.

A Stop in Alba, Michigan

Last weekend was my mom's 70th birthday and for that I decided to take her Up North.  We were going to end up in Sault Ste Marie but we decided that we wanted to take a ride on M-119.  We were hoping to get dinner at Leg's Inn but that didn't happen.
 In order to get to M-119 quickly, we ended up going up to Gaylord and taking M-32 to the west.  Unfortunately, they were doing construction on M-32 and that ended up taking us out of our way for a little bit until we got to a town called Alba.
 Alba is located on US-131 just north of Mancelona.  It is currently an unincorporated town with a population of 295 people.  I kind of liked the look of these buildings.
 Alba was established in 1876 at the junction of the Detroit and Charlevoix and Grand Rapids and Indiana Junction.  I would imagine it was much busier then.
 A store front.
 I kind of liked the look of this church.  It almost looks like they made the boards to look like stained glass.
I think this may have been a railroad station at one time.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Catching the Drake Plane

A couple days before last weekend, I saw a post that a plane belonging to a rapper would be arriving in Detroit on Sunday Sept 29, 2019.  When I woke up that morning, I saw that I was going to be late to catch it.  Then when I looked at it's takeoff, I saw that I had time to catch it.
 This is the plane belonging to Drake.  It is a 767 and I'm not sure what airline it belonged to before he got it.
 He was flying from Toronto to Detroit as part of his tour, I think. 
 After the plane left Detroit, it headed to Sacremento.
 A Delta Airlines A321 coming in from LaGuardia.
 I liked the double beacon in this shot.
 The A321 was arriving from Raleigh-Durham.
 A Delta 737 arriving from Atlanta
 Another A321 arriving from Phoenix.
 A Delta A320 arriving from Minneapolis.
 After catching the 737, I was going to head home and then I saw that this plane was coming in, so I went back to the airport.
 The Frontier Airlines Mitch the Wolverine A321 arriving from Las Vegas.
 A CRJ-900 arriving from Columbus.
 A Delta 767 arriving from Paris.
 Another A321, this particular one was coming in from Boston.
 I was happy to see this plane.  An AeroMexico E190 coming in from Monterrey.
 A 717 arriving from Kansas City.
 I love shooting planes in the moisture.  There are always some interesting trails.  This 717 was coming in from O'Hare.
 Another AeroMexico E190.  This one was arriving from Silao.
 A 757 Arriving from Seattle.
 My favorite angle of those.
 A Southwest Airlines 737 coming in from Dallas Love Field.
 A Spirit Airlines A320 arriving from New Orleans.
 This A350 was taken from a different spot.  I'm not sure I like it.  At any rate, it was arriving from Amsterdam.
 Another AeroMexico E190.  This plane was arriving from Queretaro.
 I kind of liked the moisture coming off the wings on this one.
 This Alaska Airlines 737 was arriving from Seattle.
 A Delta A319 arriving from Mexico City.
 This 757 was arriving from San Francisco.
 I kind of liked the moisture coming off the wings.
 Again, my favorite angle.
 I really liked this one.
 This one was arriving from Midway, I think.
 Another A350.
This one was arriving from Narita.