Sunday, February 18, 2018

So Happy....

Normally I don't go out to catch just one ship but with it being during the normally closed season, I'll take what I can get.  Especially when I considered that I missed many of the cool shots while I was in the hospital.
 I actually wasn't sure if I was going to go boatwatching.  I saw potential of two ships moving today.  The Algosteel is currently stopped west of the Mackinac Bridge and I saw AlgoCanada passing downbound.  She was doing around 15 knots, so I didn't think I was going to catch her.
 I was ready to give up on boatwatching today until I saw that the Algowood was heading back to Sarnia from Detroit.  I figured she would be reaching the St. Clair River at about the right time.  So I started at St. Clair.  It looks like they are doing work on the boardwalk, so I couldn't quite get the pictures I was looking for.
 Then I headed up to Marysville.  I was happier with the pictures I got from there. 
 And the light was hitting her just right.  I never noticed the tires on the side before.  I think they help prevent damage while docked.
 I kind of thought the ice sheets were cool.
 She passes Marysville.
 I headed to a little park they have in Port Huron to finish my day.  It was pretty cool.
A beam shot.

Flying Things of a Different Sort

While I was waiting for my ship, I had the opportunity to catch some ducks.
 I honestly have no idea what kind of ducks these are.
But they look kind of neat.

No Delta Here

I ended up going up to Port Huron today to catch a ship that was heading up from Detroit.  I had a little time to spare and I saw that a different Frontier livery was passing overhead, so I stopped at the airport.
 The first plane I caught was an Embrear 170 that belongs to Republic Airlines but was operated by United Express.
 It was flying in from Newark.  I kind of like flying into Newark.  It is what an old coworker would call a Navy airport.  There was a short runway and hard landing.  Fun stuff.
 I think these are pretty nice looking planes.
 The plane I wanted to catch was the Frontier plane.  It was arriving from Orlando, Florida.
 The livery is called Joe Bob the Badger.  It's not as nice as the Wolverine but not bad.
I like airlines that add some color to my planewatching.

I only stuck around for two no Delta.  I may go planewatching on Thursday to catch the Royal Jordanian plane.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Catching Up With the Samuel Risley

So I went up to a boatnerd gathering in Port Huron today.  As I was up there, I saw that the Samuel Risley would be passing, so I decided to take some pictures.
 She was assisting a ship that had already passed but unfortunately, I missed her.
 She's been pretty busy lately.  she helped the Algowood go down to Detroit the other day.   She's also helped a couple other ships.
 Anyway, it was pretty nice to catch her in action.
She continues her way down the river.

And the Point Aux Barques Lighthouse

So I ended my photographing day at the tip of the thumb at Point Aux Barques.
 The sun was rapidly leaving me but I had some time to get some pictures of the lighthouse.
 I kind of like the sunset hitting it, I just wish I had more light.
 I don't think I noticed this building before.  This belonged to the Life Saving Station and I think it was a boathouse but I'm not sure.  I'm not sure where they moved it from but it's cool that they are trying to restore the grounds to that point.
One more shot of the lighthouse.

I ended up eating dinner at a place in Bay City called Blossoms.  It was an Asian fusion restaurant and pretty good.

Next Up...the Harbor Beach Lighthouse

M-25 is actually a pretty nice drive.  For the most part it follows the shore of Lake Huron through the thumb.  In many places, you can still see the Lake.  Occasionally, you can see freighters doing their thing.
 I would have stopped at the Port Sanilac lighthouse but the parking in lot in front of it was still pretty snow covered and it looked treacherous.  So I continued on to the Harbor Beach Lighthouse.
 At one time, the Harbor Beach lighthouse was just a reef light but they built a breakwater to protect the harbor.
 It is similar in design to the Detroit River Lighthouse.
 It is known as a "sparkplug" lighthouse.
 It is a pretty neat looking lighthouse and the light was hitting it perfectly when I arrived.
 There was quite a bit of ice in the harbor.
One more shot before moving on.

Stopping at the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse

So after catching the ships in layup yesterday, I decided to continue up the thumb.  It was a nice enough day and the sun was just about right for me.
 First up was the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse.  If I remember correctly, this is the oldest lighthouse on Lake Michigan and I don't remember if it is the oldest or second oldest lighthouse in Michigan.
 Built in 1829, it predates the official birthdate of the state by 8 years.  It is currently the oldest active lighthouse in service.
It was originally built at a cost of $3,500 and I'm not sure what that translates to in modern dollars.