Sunday, October 23, 2016

Eastern Michigan at Western Michigan Football

As I said in the last post, I traveled to Kalamazoo in order to watch the Eastern Michigan Eagles play the Western Michigan Broncos.  The Broncos were undefeated and I was hoping that the Eagles would knock them down from their pedestal.  As always, these are pictures other than the game except for my favorite from the game.  If you want to see my pictures of the game, go to Hustle Belt.
 Waldo Stadium was opened in 1939 and has been renovated a few times since then.  It's current rated capacity is 30,200 people.  It is actually a pretty nice stadium except for the fact it runs east-west instead of north-south.  That makes taking pictures difficult in the afternoon.
 The mascot for Western Michigan is the broncos.  This is the one that walks around the stadium.
 This is a real bronco and it's pretty cool but not as cool as an eagle.
 Western Michigan head coach PJ Fleck leads his team out onto the field.  He is currently in his fourth year at Western Michigan and seems to have them on the right track.  Prior to Western, he was a position coach at a couple of teams.  He played college football as a wide receiver at Northern Illinois.  He is the youngest Division IA coach and the first born in the 1980's.
 I'll have to say that he is a pretty dynamic personality.
 This was my favorite picture of the game.  Brogan Roback running in for a touchdown.  Sadly Eastern would lose 45-31.
 I like to catch the band at halftime.  They played songs from David Bowie, someone else and Prince.  It was pretty cool.
 They also had people that survived the Uber shootings and the case where some jackass decided to run down some bicyclists.
 Another shot of the band.

 The flag girls.
 Yesterday was band day at Western, so they had a bunch of bands from local high schools.

 A few Eastern fans that made the trek on I-94.
 The Western cheerleaders rowing the boat.
 Another shot of Buster.
Coach Creighton arguing a call.

The Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital

I ended up going to the Western Michigan game yesterday.  Because I got there a bit later than planned, I ended up parking at the Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital.  I kind of wish I had more time to look around because it looked like there were a few neat buildings.
 The hospital was opened in 1859 as the Michigan Insane Asylum.  The most prominent structure is the water tower above which was built in 1895.  At one time, the asylum would have two farms which were worked by the patients in an effort to help rehabilitate them.  In 1978, it would become the Kalamazoo Regional Psychiatric Hospital and in 1995 it would assume it's current name.
 I kind of liked the picture presented by this chapel.
I think I liked this one even more.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ending with the Algoway

Despite my disappointment of not getting on the Detroit, I still had a pretty good day.  I got to see the Tregurtha and Algorail.  As I was getting ready to leave, I saw that the Algoway was pretty close so I stuck around a bit to catch her.
 I think the Algoway is related to the Algorail.  They look very similar to me but there are probably some differences.
 I think that the Algoway is also on her last legs.  If not, it seems like she sure could use some loving.
 I don't even think they bothered to paint her bow.
 And I think I need a tetanus shot after watching her.
 I loved the look of the clouds.
 A better angle of all her rust.
 She approaches the Blue Water Bridge.
 I think she was on her way to Goderich.
One more shot before heading home.

The Hollyhock Out and About

I see the Hollyhock almost every time I stop in Port Huron but she is usually docked.  I saw that she was out and about on Lake Huron but I wasn't expecting to see her coming back in.
As I was waiting for the next ship, I saw that she made her turn to return to Port Huron.  That meant that I would get a chance to get some angles of her that I don't normally get.
 Since she's usually at the wall, I sort of get this angle but I don't get her with smoke coming out of her stack.
 she made her turn to enter the channel.
I definitely don't get pictures of her from the side. 
 She passes the casino.
After doing a 180, she returns to her dock.

The Algorail Makes an Appearance

The Algorail was in layup for a long time.  I presume that she was waiting for cargo to deliver.
 At any rate, I want to try to catch the Algorail as much as I can because I have a feeling that she's probably going to be scrapped in the near future.
 It's kind of a shame because she's a pretty cool looking boat.  It kind of looks like they were going to repaint her at one time but stopped at the bow.
 She turns to reach the channel.
 I kind of like the colors behind her.
 the sky was still fairly cooperative.
And she continues on her way.

A Sailboat

The next ship was the Algorail.  There is an old running joke in the boatnerd community that she feeds on sailboats.
So this seems like it was chumming the water for the Algorail.

A Coast Guard Helicopter

The next one was kind of a surprise.
 As I was waiting for the next ship, a Dolphin appeared.
 Sadly, I didn't have time to get my other lens.
And a shot as it flew overhead.