Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Surprise Visitor

As I was at my desk today, I heard a plane flying over the office.  The engine sounded different from the normal sounds of the Cessnas that fly over from the Ann Arbor Airport.  It was a propeller aircraft of some sort.
So I went outside with my camera and looked to the sky.  As I was about to go back, I heard the sound of a jet engine, so I looked in that direction.  I was greeted by the sight of an F/A-18 Super Hornet flying fairly high.  Sadly, a grainy picture was the best I could do but since I don't normally see military aircraft flying over.  Unfortunately, I couldn't make out the markings to see what squadron but it is definitely a Super Hornet.

Monday, September 26, 2016

A Detroit Fire Engine

As I was leaving, I saw the Fire Engine pull out.
What I thought was going to be a day where I would get some pictures of the Wolverine and that's it turned out to be pretty good.  I got some pictures of some things that I didn't think I would get pictures of.  I guess a fire truck is one of those things.

The Candace Elise Makes an Appearance

The next vessel is a rare visitor to the Detroit area.
 The Candace Elise is normally homeported in Muskegon, Michigan.  I've seen her there at least one of the times that I've visited there.  I think she normally stays around the western part of Michigan.
 The Candace Elise was built by Modern Marine Power in Houma, LA in 1981 as the Perserverance.  She is currently owned by Ashton Marine.
One more shot of her.

The Huron Maid in Action

Another benefit to Riverside Park is that I can see the J.W. Westcott in action.
 Sadly, the Westcott was having issues, so I wouldn't be seeing it in action.  Instead I got to see the Huron Maid in action.
 The Huron Maid is normally used as a pilot boat but occasionally it can be used to make deliveries.
 The Huron Maid approaches the Defiance.
 Offloading some packages to the barge.
 She returns to her dock.
 I was given a pretty good shot by the folks who were driving the Huron Maid.
And one more shot.

The Curtis Randolph Appears

I ended up getting a bit of surprise.  As I was parking, I was told that I needed to move my car because there was a fire truck that might want to get out.  Apparently they were out on the fireboat training.
 I was not expecting to see the fireboat return while I was there but then again I wasn't expecting to be there as long as I was.
 It's pretty cool to see the fireboat out and about.  I've only seen it a couple of times.
 In front of the Renaissance Center.
 Probably my favorite angle for boat pictures.
 I think I really like this shot.
 The almost head shot.
One more quarter shot.

The Defiance/Ashtabula Passes By

As I looked to the other side of the River, I saw another pair of vessels coming down.
 First of those was the Defiance/Ashtabula. 
 She was on her way to Buffalo but I'm not sure where she was heading from.
 A shot of the bridge.
She is approached by the Huron Maid.

The H. Lee White Heads to the Rouge River

As I was taking pictures of the other ships, I saw that the H. Lee White was heading up the Detroit River.  She was another ship that I thought I would be able to catch pictures of as she passed.
As it turned up, she ended up making a turn towards the Rouge River.  I think she ended up going to one of the stone docks right at the mouth of the river.