Thursday, October 29, 2020

A Lazy Sunday Afternoon

 So after a pretty good boat day on Saturday, it wasn't as good of a boat day on Sunday.  Plus,  I didn't really feel like dealing with all the construction.  If I wanted a good boat day, I had to head up to Port Huron and it seems like every way I would want to take to get up there is being torn up.

So  I decided to head over to the airport.
The planes were landing from the south, so that meant a trip up to the top of the parking structure.
I kind of like getting a picture of the fall foliage in with my plane pictures.
There were really only two planes that I was interested in.
They were both 757s.
So this was a 757-200 flying in from Orlando.  It kicks off a little smoke as it touches down.
So it was kind of nice to see this.
Next up....
Another 757.
This one was a 757-300.
It was coming in from Atlanta.
I was thinking that it was just a repositioning flight but it turns out that it is a regularly scheduled flight.
Photobombed by the other 757.
This one also touched down with a bit of smoke.
Kind of a shot of the Renaissance Center in the background.
It makes a turn for the taxiway.
Almost gives me a head shot but it moved to fast.
And it turns for the other taxiway.
One more shot before going home.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

And Then There was Ma Barker

 While I was waiting for the James R. Barker, I saw that the Kaye E. Barker was leaving the Rouge River.  She was delivering iron ore to the Rouge River Steel Mill.

When I checked AIS in the morning, I saw that the Patricia Hoey was alongside of her.  I knew that meant she was getting refueled while she was unloading her cargo.  So I knew that meant she wouldn't be stopping for fuel.
When I saw that she was moving, I knew that she would be leaving the Rouge River at some point.
I was getting a little anxious as I saw that she was stopped for a railroad bridge.
But she started moving again.
Typically, it takes about an hour for a ship to go from the steel mill to the mouth of the Rouge River.
Then it takes about another hour to get from the mouth of the Rouge River to Belle Isle.
Then I took the drone up.  This time, I tried to get a picture from the other side of the ship.  This was so I wasn't shooting into the sun.
I was a little concerned about the signal getting interference from the ship, so I moved it back.  You can see the difference.  Next time I use the drone, I'm gonna try to get pictures from the sun side.
I also wanted to get a beam shot and I wasn't sure how much room I would have on the other side.  I didn't want to crash my drone over Canadian air space and create an international incident.  I don't have an spies to exchange for my drone.
I moved with the ship for a little bit.  I really like the colors in this picture.

From this point, she was heading up to Calcite to pick up a load of stone and then she was off to Grand Haven.  I kind of wish I knew that before hand, I was thinking about trying to catch her there.

Pa Barker Makes an Appearance

 Next up was not one of the ships I was expecting to see.

I think the James R. Barker was coming up from Cleveland.  I presume that she would have had a load of iron ore for the Cleveland Bulk Terminal (which is just before you enter the Cuyahoga River).
I wasn't expecting to see her because she ended up stopping for fuel on the Windsor side of the Detroit River.  I'm never sure of how long it will take for a ship to fuel up.
I think it is typically around 2 hours to fuel up but that is only a guess on my part.
Well, I was happy when I saw that she was making her way upbound, although it was roughly another hour before she would be at my position.
Again, it was nice to see some color in the backgroun.
And then I switched to my drone.  There was someone else with a drone while I was taking these pictures.  I ended up going to higher altitude than him.  I'll admit, it was weird to be near another person with a drone.
The sun was coming out just enough.  I liked the way that the water looked.
Another angle as she comes closer.
The sun was reflecting off her wake.  I think it made for a pretty cool effect.
And the beam shot.
Another beam shot as I followed along with the Barker.
She moves past.
The James R. Barker is equipped with the scrubbers that give the appearance of being a steam ship.
I really like the colors in this shot.
So I switched back to my other camera for a final shot of her.

A US Coast Guard Boat Passes By

 I was kind of surprised to catch the next boat as well.

It is a 47 foot motor life boat.
It has a top speed of 25 miles per hour.
It can tow 150 tons worth of a boat.
It was designed as a fast response life boat.
It has the ability to self right itself within 30 seconds.