Sunday, March 17, 2019

Messing Around With the Photo Globe

I got one of those photo globes for Christmas.  I've seen them being used in quite a few pictures.  I played around with one using my models, so I couldn't wait to use it more real situations.
 It was kind of nice and sunny this morning, so I decided to wander around Ypsilanti for a bit to get some pictures.  I was just going to do the water tower and then this place caught my eye.
 At one time, it was a grain elevator and based and where I see things, it was probably serviced by a train.  Then it was the home for Frog Island Brewery.  It also used to have brewing supplies for home brewers.  Now it stands abandoned and by the looks of it, condemned.
 That being said, it made for a good subject to use my globe with.  The really cool part is that my car made a good reflective surface, so I got a pretty cool image out of it.
 I was trying different angles to see how that worked for me.
 And I'll have to say it was pretty cool because I think it gave a slightly wide angle effect.
 Another angle of the building.
 And one more through the globe.
 Then I went to get some pictures of Pierce Hall.  I think I need to play around with this a little more.  In particular, how it affects the angles. I also have one that looks like a prism.  That might be fun too.
 An unglobed view of the tower anyway.
 I couldn't resist a shot of Pease Auditorium.
 And just a shot of the Auditorium itself.
 This is where I realized I needed to work on the ball a little bit.  Although I think if I had positioned it differently, I might have gotten more the tower in.
 Just a shot of the tower.
 McKenny Hall.
what I think is a nice shot of what I call Old Campus.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

A Visit at Highland Cemetery

After taking pictures of the train, I looked at the light and decided the light might be right to take pictures of the Civil War statue in the cemetery.
 This statue was built after the war and is dedicated to the soldiers of the Union Army.
 Some of the donations were from Mary Ann Starkweather who also had the oldest building on Eastern Michigan's campus named after her.
 It was dedicated on Memorial Day of 1895.
 It's a pretty cool looking statue and is fairly detailed.
 I was looking for different angles.
 This was probably my favorite angle of the bunch.  Unfortunately, I was shooting into the sun almost.
I didn't realize that the cemetery was also kind of a who's who of Eastern Michigan people.  I saw a couple gravestones dedicated to other people that Eastern Michigan buildings named after them.  I might have to spend more time there sometime.

And the Wolverine Rolls on By

I was thinking about going down to Ohio today.  I thought it was going to be a fairly nice day except that there was a little snow on the ground when I woke up.  As I looked at the forecast for today, it looked like it was going to be on and off snow, so I decided to pass on today and maybe head down tomorrow.
 Anyway on days like today, I don't like to do absolutely nothing and catching the Wolverine is fairly close.  Also, I like to see the effects of different days.  I was hoping there would be a little more snow on the ground because I do like seeing it kick up the snow.
 But it was still nice to see the Wolverine and it was fairly on time.
 I think this is the same engineer because it always seems like he makes rabbit ears.  That is pretty cool however.
One more shot before it moves on.

Friday, March 15, 2019

A Return to the Aluminum Aviary

It rained on and off all day yesterday.  It was raining just before I was ready to leave work but I was looking forward to going planewatching last night.  I was looking forward to going planewatching because there was a plane I wanted to catch and I saw that I had a chance to catch it.
 First up was a 737 belonging to Southwest Airlines.  This is not one of the 737 MAXs that was grounded by the FAA (and other regulatory entities).  The main difference between this 737 and the MAX is the engines.  The MAX has engines that look similar to the 787.   Because the engines are different, they are mounted differently and that might be part of the problem.  Until we see the report, all of this is idle speculation.
 This particular 737 was arriving from Midway but it was supposed to go to Grand Rapids.  I think it was diverted because of the weather they were having.
 A Jet Blue Embrear E190 arriving from Boston.
 An A319 arriving from Mexico City.
 This Lufthansa A340 was on her way to Frankfurt.
 Another Southwest 737.  This one was arriving from Dallas Love Field.
 I love their livery.  It is nice to see color.
 And they have an especially colorful livery.
 A 757 coming in.
 This one belongs to Fed Ex and it's always nice to see 757s in other liveries.
 This particular one was arriving from Indianapolis.
 With the nasty weather that just passed through, the clouds looked pretty cool.
 I'm not normally a fan of stern shots, but I loved the clouds.  You can even see another plane in this picture.
 An American 737 coming in from Dallas-Fort Worth.  American is the another US carrier that uses the 737 MAX but this isn't one of them.
 A 757 arriving from Orlando.
 Another plane I was waiting for.
 This is a DC-10 belonging to Fed Ex.  Actually, it is an MD-10 which is an improved DC-10.  They took out the need for a flight engineer.
 This particular plane was arriving from Memphis.
 An A319 arriving from Reagan International Airport.
 A 757 arriving from Phoenix.
 This one was a 757-300 which is the stretch version.
 This particular one was arriving from Fort Myers, Florida.
 There was quite a bit of moisture in the air as evidenced by the vapors trailing from the flaps.
 I loved the clouds yesterday.
 One more angle of the 757.
 The plane I was waiting for was this plane.
 It is a 787 belonging to Royal Jordanian Airlines.  It was coming here from Amman, Jordan.  It makes a stop in Montreal before it continues to Detroit.  I'm not sure if that's for fuel reasons.
 I suspect it might be so they have a better shot of filling the flight.
 I actually love the looks of this plane.
And the livery isn't too bad either.

As I was heading home, I found out that my area was under a tornado watch.  That made for an interesting evening.  Fortunately nothing happened around here.