Friday, June 23, 2017

Mad Dogs and Frenchmen

It seems that the arrival of the Royal Jordanian 787 on Friday evenings is going to be a regular thing for a while.  I'm fine with that since the morning is not conducive to my work schedule.  As a result, I decided to head over to the airport.
 It was a much nicer night tonight but there were still a few clouds in the sky.  While I like blue skies for plane pictures, some clouds in the background are nice.
 My first plane of the evening was a Boeing 717 arriving from Milwaukee.  The 717 is the continuation of the DC-9/MD-80/MD-83/MD-88/MD-90 series and therefore I will call it an honorary Mad Dog.
 Even though it has rear mounted engines and a t-tail, I can't call this CRJ-900 a Mad Dog.  It does however belong to GoJets and was arriving at DTW from the land of Cheese Heads (Green Bay).
 The MD-11 certainly qualifies as a Mad Dog. 
 This one was serving as Fed Ex 505 Heavy from Memphis, TN.  I think this is a Monday through Friday flight.  One of these days, I would like to catch one of the morning cargo flights.
 A CRJ-900 that was arriving from Akron.
It's amazing how many places these planes come from.  This CRJ-200 was arriving from White Plains, New York.
 I know this is a 737 because it belongs to Southwest.  This one was arriving from Baltimore.
 Some airlines have cool callsigns to go with their planes.  GoJet has the call sign of Lindbergh.   I would imagine that would avoid confusion.  Linbergh 6181 was arriving from Raleigh-Durham.
 I can't make out the tail number of this plane, but I'm pretty sure its a CRJ-900.
 My favorite aircraft by far is the 757.  Well it is at least my favorite commercial aircraft.
 This 757-300 was arriving from Los Angeles.
 Another CRJ-900 where I can't make out the tail number.  I suppose I would like the CRJ's more but there are too many of them.
 A Delta Airline 737 arrives from Boston.
 Of course the plane that I really wanted to see tonight was the Royal Jordanian 787.
 It was starting to look like I wasn't going to be able to see this plane tonight as it kept getting delayed leaving Amman, Jordan.  I almost thought they were going to forgo this flight.
 This plane left Amman, Jordan at 1:58PM EEST which is Eastern European Summer Time.  This is three hours ahead of UTC (or Zulu Time or GMT depending on which you prefer) which makes it seven hours head of us.  Meaning that this plane took off at roughly 7:00 Eastern Daylight Time.  It arrived in Detroit at roughly 7:30PM EDT which meant it was a 12.5 hour flight.
 At any rate the 787 is a pretty neat plane and Royal Jordanian has a pretty neat livery.
 N707EV is a CRJ-700 belonging to ExpressJet.  They have a cool call sign of Acey.  This one was arriving from Dulles.
 Another plane that I was hoping to catch was Air France 378 which was a flight from Paris.
This flight left Paris at 4:20PM Central European Summer Time.  CEST is 2 hours ahead of UTC which means that it is 6 hours ahead of our time zone.  So it left Paris at 10:20AM EDT.  It arrived in Detroit at 7:20PM which made it a 9 hour flight.  If I remember correctly, it is a slight shorter flight the other way.

I do like the looks of the A340 but I wish I could see either the DC-8 or 707 again.

Catching the Train

I decided to go planewatching (shocking) tonight.  Rather than take I-94 over to the airport, I decided to take Ecorse Road.  There is a point where train track cross the road.  Of course my habit when crossing train tracks is to look to see if there is a train coming.
 Tonight that habit paid off as I saw the lights of the train not too far away.  If it turned out to be too far away, there was a plane I didn't want to miss.
 Well, a pair of engines hardly qualify as a train but since I like the engines the most, I was cool with that.
 I think this was heading towards the yard in Wayne, Michigan which was a couple miles away.
But I'm not 100% sure about that.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

It was pretty stormy and as I was looking outside, I was thinking it might be a good night for plane pictures.  So I popped into FlightAware to see what was flying into Metro.  It looked like they had three race track patterns set up to wait out the storms.  It was clearing up here, so I figured it would be clearing up around here, so I figured it would clear up around Metro shortly.  Well at least it would clear up long enough so a few planes could land.
One of the planes that I saw in the pattern was Fed Ex 505 which is the MD-11 flying in from Memphis.  Unfortunately, the clearing up I saw in Ypsilanti was just a brief reprieve because they ended up diverting the MD-11 to Cleveland.   It started to clear up just before it got too dark, so I managed to get a couple pictures.
 Endeavor 3449 was a CJR-900 on a flight from Omaha, Nebraska to Detroit.  Despite spending some time in the queue, it only ended up being 20 minutes late.  I honestly would like to learn more about what they do in these situations and how they decide what's going to stay in the pattern and what's going to land.
 SkyWest 4829 was a flight from Dayton.  This is is a CRJ-200. I kind of liked the look of the skies and there was some lightning.  I was hoping I would get some lightning in one of my shots.  Guess I'm not that lucky.
 I decided to stick around a little longer because it looked like they were letting a few more planes in.  Lindbergh 6183 was a flight from Indianapolis.  This is normally about an hour long flight but with the time spent playing Nascar, it became an almost two hour flight.
 Delta 1357 was a 737 arriving from Milwaukee.
This Boeing 717 was arriving from New Orleans.

Even though I only got a couple of pictures, I don't think it was a waste of time.  They were still pretty neat.  As I've said a few times, I prefer gray skies to blue skies sometimes.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Standing Amongst the Jumbos

I decided to go planewatching on Sunday.  I didn't really feel like doing much of anything but I did feel like catching the Jumbos.
 N666US is one of the 747-400s that was originally owned by Northwest.  It was built in 1989 and was one of the first 747-400s put into service.  It was built in Everett, Washington which is by Seattle.  This particular one was flying from Seoul, South Korea.
 The 747 was followed fairly closely by this 757-200 that was arriving from Seattle.
 I ended up making breakfast and then coming back to the airport to catch the afternoon 747s.  Obviously, this is not a 747 but an Airbus 320 that belongs to Frontier Airlines.  Each of their planes has a different animal on the tail (well I'm not sure if they are all different but they have a series) and this one has a fox.  I think they also have a name for each plane and this is Peachy the Fox.
 No special names for the CRJs, but this one was arriving from Milwaukee.
 An Endeavor Air CRJ-900 arriving from Midway Airport in Chicago.
 An ERJ-175 arriving from Houston.
 A SkyWest CRJ-200 arriving from Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City.
 Another SkyWest CRJ-200, but this one was arriving from Quad City Airport in Moline, Illinois.
 An A320 belonging to Spirit Airlines arrives from Minneapolis, Minnesota.
 A Spirit Airlines A320 flies in from Kansas City, MO.
 N669US is another 747-400 that belong to Northwest prior to the merger.  This particular one was delivered to them in August of 1990.  In this picture, it was arriving from Shanghai.
 I can't make out the tail number on this 757, but I like the picture.
 This Airbus 320 was arriving from Minneapolis.
 N596NW is one of the 757-300s that was bought by Northwest before the merger.  It first starting flying in 2003.  While I was taking this picture, it was arriving from Los Angeles.
 Another SkyWest CRJ-200 and this one was arriving from Kalamazoo.
 A 737-900 arriving from Seattle.
 I think this is the A330 arriving from Frankfurt.
 A CRJ flying in from Birmingham.
 A Delta 757 flies in from San Francisco.  By this time, the wind was picking up and I heard a couple of wind shear advisories.  I think that kind of messed up the patterns of the planes coming in.
 I don't normally see the planes that are run by United proper.  Usually when I do, it's either an A319 or A320.  So I was kind of happy to see one of their 737's.  This particular one was arriving from San Francisco.
 A Delta 717 arriving from O'Hare.
 An Endeavor CRJ-200 arriving from Des Moines.
 Another plane arriving from Milwaukee.
 And this CRJ was arriving from Pellston.
 An Endeavor CRJ-900 coming in from Madison.
 An A319 coming in from Boston.
 A CRJ arriving from Green Bay.
 N674US is another one of the 747s that came from Northwest.  This particular one was delivered in 1999.  It was arriving from Tokyo.
And I end with a 737 belonging to AeroMexico that was coming in from Mexico City.