Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Crosswinds Marsh

Crosswinds Marsh was established when they were expanding Metro Airport. They were removing wetlands from the airport grounds and had to create them somewhere else. This is the result and it's a pretty nice spot to visit. I'd heard of something of this before and a coworker was mentioning it because they have an eagle. So I had to go check it out.

There are alot of birds here...geese, blackbirds, etc.

An enclosed picnic shelter.

The nice thing is that there are pretty well developed trails throughout the park. Over the water are nice boardwalks so you can get pretty close to the nature (if it will let you).

Another bird.

As I was walking near the back of the park, I looked towards the trees and noticed a glint of light. I lifted up my camera to take a look...and here he was in his full glory. Unfortunately, I had to do some serious blowing up of this picture, so he's a bit blurred but you can make out what he is.

Another shot to attempt to get a clearer shot. I did kind of figure out where he was, so I might be able to get closer next time I go.

A canadian goose.

As I was heading towards the parking lot, I caught this racoon strolling down the tree. He was trying to hide in the tree as I passed by and it made for a cool shot.

I like this shot.

And since it's fairly close to the airport, I can watch aluminum birds as well.

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