Friday, March 18, 2011

The E.H. Kraus Building

This is another Albert Kahn building that I didn't get a picture of the last time I did my tour. It started life as the Natural History building.

The University was faced with a lack of space for its growing science cirriculum. So in 1913, the Regents asked the State Legislature for funds to construct a new building. This building was designed by Albert Kahn and completed in 1915.

It has a few nice details on it but it doesn't seem as nice as some of the other Kahn buildings.

The trim isn't as intricate.

I do like the light fixtures though.

The University motto.

Based on some of the other buildings, I wouldn't recognize this building as a Kahn building. It seems more utilitarian.

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BlueDragon said...

If there was such a demand for space, Mr. Kahn probably was on a limited budget and a short deadline to get his design and blueprints finished, approved, and sent to the construction company.