Friday, March 18, 2011

Formerly Drake's Sandwich Shop

When I was a freshman at Eastern Michigan University, I had the fortune of having a roommate that was from Ann Arbor. One night, he and one of his friends took me around Ann Arbor. We had dinner at Drake's Sandwich shop. I'm pretty sure that I had a BLT and it was pretty good. However, the grape limeade was pretty awesome. Unfortunately, it closed in 1993.

The store was believed to be opened in the 1920's by Mr. Drake, but it was owned by a Mr. Tibbals for most of its run from 1935 to 1993. He started out as an employee of Mr. Drake. The picture is black and white because as the years go by, it fades for me. I also seem to remember all sorts of cool pictures on the walls.

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Anonymous said...

what were the ingredients for the Dagwood sandwich?