Wednesday, March 2, 2011

West Engineering Building

I don't know how many times I have passed through this building on my way to other parts of Ann Arbor. I don't think I really appreciated the look of it before but there is a pretty neat look to the spires. Yes, it is another Albert Kahn building, atlhough this one was designed before he had his own firm.

As you are coming from the center of the Diag towards South University. In 1901, the University Regents set aside $100,000 for a new building to house the College of Engineering. The plans of the first Mason and Kahn were accepted in 1902 and the construction contract was award to a Grand Rapids firm. Construction proceeded slowly and in 1903, the Regents threatened to yank the contract from that firm and the building was finally completed in 1904 over budget.

Looking up at one of the spires.

In order to allow traffic to flow through, an arch was designed by Simeon Denison and submitted to the architect. It was incorporatated into the design of the building and has been known as the Denison Arch since.

A plaque dedicated to the building. The building was quickly overwhelmed and another building was built across the sidewalk. It no longer houses the College of Engineering as that moved up to North Campus.

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