Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Buffalo at Eastern Michigan - Basketball

And then on Friday night, I had a basketball game.  It was the first basketball game that I've been to in about a month.  Eastern Michigan was playing quite a few teams on the road and the other games were not at times where I could attend.  This game was also the MAC opener, so I kind of had to attend.
 Swoop showing off before the game.
 Swoop chilling before the game.
 The dance team during the National Anthem.
 The Cheerleaders during the game.
 The halftime show was pretty cool.  It was a magician named Quick Change.
 Somehow his partner would change into other outfits pretty quickly.  And then they would dance.
 One of the Eastern Michigan police officers showing off her new dog.  It was pretty cool.
I ended up staying on one side of the court, so I could get some shots of Buffalo.  At the time of this game, they were ranked #20 in the nation.  And after the game, I could see why.  They pretty handily beat Eastern Michigan.  This was my favorite shot from the game.  If you want to see others, go to Hustle Belt.

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