Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Detroit Zoo Again...

The Detroit Zoo is open until 8:00 on Wedesdays, so I decided to go again tonight although it looked like it might rain, which it did for about 10 minutes. Anyways, it wasn't as crowded and because it was a little cooler, the animals were a little more active. Plus, last time I went, I didn't get to see the primate area, so I wanted to see that this time.

This is their river otter. He is a tough animal to get a picture of because he likes to swim quite a bit. He only stays on land briefly, so you have to be quick.

This is one of the buzzards.

And another.

Their african flamingos. These look pretty cool.

Not sure what kind of bird this is.

One of their chimps.

And another.

A pair.

Another one.

A chimp and child.

One of the polar bears.

The younger wolverine. I didn't get to see him last time.

I think he's saying, "Mmmm...bring on the Spartans".

A bone of something, I think.

The wolverine running. They are kind of neat to watch because they look so clumsy.

The bald eagle.

Another shot of the eagle.

A crane.

A kangaroo.

A grizzly bear.

The Lion in a pretty typical cat pose.

He's slightly awake (another typical cat pose).

The tiger. Reminds me of my cat.

And the other tiger.

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