Monday, July 6, 2009

The Detroit Zoo

It's been a while since I've been to the Detroit Zoo, since I had today off, I decided to go there and it was worth the trip. The Zoo is a little bigger than I seem to remember so I didn't get a chance to see all of it but I got the membership, so I'll go again.

This bird was in the flying aviary.

This was another bird there.

This is one of the penguins in the penguin display. He was standing on the shelf looking like a dictator or something.

This is a turtle in the reptile display.

One of the lizards.

Another lizard.

A fountain at the center of the park.

A llama.

A stork.

I was kind of surprised to see this here, a Bald Eagle. I'm not sure if it can fly or not. But it is still a pretty cool looking bird.

A prarie dog.

A red kangaroo. It seems that I was here at the wrong time because many of the animals were sleeping.

An Anteater.

A polar bear

A giraffe

A pair of Zebras.

A rhino.

A meerkat.

A lion.

Another lion.

One of the tigers.

The other tiger.

Same tiger.

It was pretty fun but I missed the Elephants and the Hippos. I will have to go back.

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