Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Messing Around with Shadows

One of the things I like about the SLR is the amount of creative control you have with the camera because you can set things on the camera. You can control things like exposure times, depth of field, etc. Because of this you can play around with light and different effects because of that.

Some of my favorite movie scenes involve either planes or ships backlit by the sunset or sunrise. I was messing around with this a little bit the other night but didn't quite capture the effect. That time, I left the flashlight on and used the wall as a backlight. This time, I just flashed the light. I like this a little better because I didn't get any of the motion.

For my first shot, I did a B-17.

One of my favorite movie scenes is at the beginning of Mr. Roberts where he watches a US Battlegroup off against the horizon. You can see ships for miles. This is an attempt at a similar looking scene.

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