Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Detroit Zoo Revisited

It was a nice night and since I got a membership to the Zoo, I decided to go again tonight. It was pretty cool as the animals were alot more animated tonight. Anyways...

This is one of the statues as you entering the park.

This is sitting outside of the aviary.

One of the butterflies.

Another butterfly.

A pair of butterflies.

One of the birds.

A vulture. I liked the pose he was in.

Another type of vulture.

A camel.

A llama.

I didn't realize there was a wolverine at the zoo. It's pretty cool they have one since it's the mascot for my favorite team.

Here's another angle.

Even though the shot is blurry, I like it because it gives a sense of motion.

Same with this shot.

A close up of the wolverine's face.

And the Eagle.

An Elk.

Some bison.

A kangaroo.

One of the grizzly bears.

Same bear kind of just sitting around.

Another bear in the water.

One of the giraffes.

Another giraffe.

A rhino.

"Uh no....I'm not a Detroit Lion...I'm really a Royal Oak Lion...Yeah..."

Hey...I'm not one of the 0 and 16 Lions...

The tiger.

Another shot of the tiger.

And another.

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