Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wandering Around Ann Arbor

Decided to go wandering around Ann Arbor tonight. Took myself, my camera and my monopod (my monopod almost got used for its other use as a couple bikers thought it would be fun to ride by at full speed and a little too close). Anyways, took a few pictures.

I'm beginning to like doing night photography a little more. The colors aren't quite as vibrant but the shadows are. The way light plays on some of the things is pretty cool. Anyways.

This is the Bell Tower near dusk. I love the pinks on it.

This is a restaurant called Sushi.Come. Guess what they serve.

The Bell Tower a little later. Look at the way some of the light plays on it.

A fountain near the Bell Tower.

The Grad Library all lit up. Look at the people on the left.

This was a window near Ulrich's.

Nickel's Arcade.

An Antique Shop in Nickel's Arcade.

More from that antique shop.

Some cameos.

Some spoons.

A bottle of some sort.

Some perfume bottles and glasses. I love the way the light plays here too.

A light. I liked how the mirror was right behind it.

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