Sunday, December 19, 2010

12 Months of the Mackinac Bridge...A Summary

I'll start with a summary of the Mackinac Bridge Project since that was the one I decided to do first. Last year, I visited the Mackinac Bridge at a couple different points in the year and then I got the idea to do a twelve month project of Bridge pictures. It was actually a fun project and at some point I would love to do it again. There were points where I didn't feel like going up there because it is a long drive but now that I have the pictures and can look at them, I am happy.

This is my shot from January. This year was pretty unusual in that the ice was breaking up sooner than normal. I kind of like this shot, the sun hitting the bridge giving it a nice light.

This is the shot from February. It got a little colder and the ice came back. This is more of what I would expect in a Michigan winter.

This is the shot from March. The ice is almost completely gone, you can see little bits of ice in places. This is quite a bit different from the year before as there was still ice into April.

This is the shot from April. Looks almost like a nice summer day.

This is the shot from May.

This is the shot from June. It was misting over.

And of course the shot from July. I thought the fireworks were shot closer to the bridge because I found some shots from the Bridge Anniversary. Oh well, this gets the point of the month across.

The shot in August. A nice perfect day.

The shot in September. Part of me was hoping to do the Bridge Walk but I guess that's something I'll save for next year.

The shot in October. It was a pretty warm month so this almost reminded me of a nice summer shot.

November. The skies are getting dreary. No snow or ice yet.

And of course...December.

As I said, this has been both a fun and challenging project. Challenging because it's a bit of a drive and the weather is not always predictable in Michigan. Being limited to weekends kind of reduces the window for doing this. But in the end, now that I see the progression, I think it was worth it.

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