Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Tahquamenon Falls in December

And here are my shots of the Falls. It was kind of nice, it stopped snowing once we got across the Bridge and passed Moran. The roads were pretty good from that point until we reached the road that lead from Paradise to the Falls. It was a little slick but manageable.

This is probably my standard shot of the Falls. As can see, the river in front of them is frozen and there is starting to get a little buildup.

This is the same shot as above but with the shutter speed down more to get the illusion of motion.

Pulled back to get more of the surrounding landscape. The shutter speed is still down to give the illusion of motion again.

Moving to the next spot.

Another shot to show the expanse of the Falls.

Using a slow shutter speed again.

I kind of like the tree to the side with the ice formed on the branches.

Another shot with a slow shutter speed.

A close up of one of the trees. Again you can see the ice on the branches.

And this is a shot of the trees near the falls. You can see the snow on some of the branches.

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