Friday, December 3, 2010


So my audit was done and I had a little bit of light and some time. Where I was visiting had a nice clean view of the approach path for John Wayne Airport. Unfortunately as I was watching, I didn't see too many commercial planes but I did see a few general aviation planes.

I'm not sure what kind of plane this is, but I think it is some sort of Cessna.

Again this is another aircraft I'm not sure about. General aviation is not my cup of tea.

This is a Beechcraft Bonanza.

I think this is a Gulfstream.

This is another angle of the Beechcraft Bonanza.


Christopher List said...

The first one looks to be in the Cessna 170-172 family, though I wouldn't swear to it.

The second is a Liberty XL2 I think, judging from the script on the cowling.

I'm fairly certain that the third is not a Bonanza. It may be a Piper Cherokee.

Mikoyan said...

That's what I get for not paying attention to the cowling on the plane. It says Liberty right there.

You may be right on the third. As I said, General Aviation is not my cup of tea.

Christopher List said...


Aside from the reasons I mentioned last night about why I didn't think it was a Bonanza, I didn't mention that it looks like my brother-in-law's plane.