Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Goofing Around

I have quite a few collectible models, action figures and other miscellaneous toys. I collect them mostly for the looks because I don't think most of these will have any collectible value in years to come. Besides, they look better lined up on my shelves, desk or whatever than they do in a box.

This is a Godzilla I picked up. I kind of like this picture and it would be cool to do a little photoshopping with it.

These are 1/32nd Army Figures. They are a little more detailed than the toy variety. Behind them is a halftrack.

I think I've posted some pictures of these guys before but this is my tank crew.

Another angle of the tank crew. The one guy looks like he is trying to say...don't take my picture.

Another angle of the crew.

The Halftrack guys.

This is Admiral Horatio Nelson who is one of the more famous British Admirals.

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