Saturday, December 4, 2010

Somewhere Over Colorado

The clouds picked an opportune time to break for me. We were just getting over Aspen, Colorado and I looked down and saw the mountains. They look pretty impressive from the air but not quite as impressive as they did while I was riding the train. I kind of wish there was a snow cover like this when I took my train trip.

A little break in the clouds to reveal the snow covered mountains of the Rockies.

Another shot of the mountains.

Looking down at another mountain range.

I like to get part of the wing in the shot to give a sense of perspective for all of this.

It was absolutely gorgeous as the clouds broke even more to reveal a fuller mountain chain. Just look at all the snow.

Pulled back to give the full panorama.

Not quite as clear but you can still see the mountains.

Another pull back to get the full wing in the shot.

Unfortunately I got part of the window in this shot.

A little bit of mist over the mountains.

Another shot of more of the mountain chain.

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