Saturday, January 14, 2012

Belle Isle in January

So I decided on one of my 12 month projects for this year.  I figured since I am at Belle Isle fairly often as it is, I would use it for my 12 month project this year.

Belle Isle is almost 1000 acres and is the largest city island park in the United States.  In 1845, the island was given its current name.  The design for the island was created in the 1880's by Frederick Law Olmsted (of Central Park Fame).  The buildings started to come a little later.  It is a fairly nice park but could probably use some love (like many things in Detroit).
 One of the nice things about parks is that you can definitely pick scenes where you can see the effects of the different seasons.  Here is a snow covered park bench.
 Looking at the Scott Fountain through the walkway in the comfort station.
 Looking at the Scott Fountain from across the pond.
 This is the road that goes around the Island.  It is called The Strand.
 Another angle of the Scott Fountain.
 Looking towards downtown Detroit from the fountain.  The nice thing about a shot like this is that I can get buildings and still show the effects of the seasons.
 One of the lion sculptures on the fountain.  Come summer, there will be water coming out of his mouth.
 This is the Belle Isle Casino which was built in 1908.  It is not an actual gambling facility but a place that is used for various public events.  Given that I see lights on inside at times, I presume it is still in use.
 A closeup of some of the arches.
 One of the towers on the Casino with a view of the sign in front of it.
 The Casino from across a little river.  I think it is a pretty nice looking building.
 The Nancy Brown Peace Carillon and clock.  As I was taking this picture, the chimes were going off.
 Another shot of the Carillon.  I kind of wanted to use this as another place to show the seasons.
 The Belle Isle Conservatory.  I've taken pictures of this before.
 The Detroit Yacht Club.  This is a building that I haven't taken a picture of before.  It was built in 1904 after the original building burnt down.  This one is not to be confused with the boat club which is no longer used.
 They keep adding water to this tree to make it freeze over.
 The Strand as you are heading off the island.  In the background, you can see the faint outline of the Ren Cen.
 The General Williams Statue.
This is a shot I've been meaning to get for a while.  Since traffic was light today, I decided to stop so I could do it.  This is the MacArthur Bridge which is the way to get on and off the island.

I'm not quite sure how I am going to approach this project in the coming months.  I figured I would give a brief overview for this first set and in other months just work around a part of the island.  We will see, I guess.


cmadler said...

I think you should do shots of various parts of the Strand, looking toward downtown Detroit, and maybe different angles of Scott Fountain each month, and then mix in other things depending on what you see each trip.

DetroitVideoDaily said...

Recently discovered your blog, and I like these shots from Belle Isle. I really like the first one of the Strand! When did the chimes go off from the Peace Carillon? I thought they stopped playing them. I was there on 1/15 shooting video for my blog was your photo of the ice tree taken on Saturday? Could that much ice have formed in a day?! -- Great photos, I'm looking forward to seeing more from Belle Isle!