Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Dossin Great Lakes Museum Again

Since I was down there, I figured that I would stop by the Dossin Great Lakes Museum.  It's a pretty nice museum and currently free.  I think they are going to be doing some renovations soon though.  It gives a pretty good overview of the history of the Lakes.
 I'm not sure if this is one of the cannons used in the Battle of Lake Erie but it is still pretty cool.  I wonder if there is going to be something commerate this battle.
 The front of a model of the Pere Marquette which was used to carry rail cars.
 The front end.
 This is from the City of Detroit, which was a steamliner that took passengers up and down the Detroit River.  With the exception of the auto ferries, I do not think there is any passenger service on the Great Lakes which is kind of a shame.
 One of the many models they have at the museum.
 This is a flag for the Interlake Steamship Company out of Ohio.  You can see many of its ships on the Detroit River.
 This is a fresnel lens that was used in a lighthouse.
 Probably one of the coolest exhibits at the museum is the pilothouse from the William Clay Ford.  This is the part used to pilot the ship.
 The engine room telegram.  The Captain would move this to tell the engine room how fast he wanted to go.
 Some of the dinner ware used on the ship.
 A model of the William Clay Ford at one of the iron docks.
 This is the anchor from the Edmund Fitzgerald.

The front of the museum.  It is actually a pretty unassuming building.

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