Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Heading to Grand Haven

It was a nice enough day in Durand that I decided to head over to Grand Haven.  I was hoping to catch a decent sunset with some ice in the picture.   Unfortunately it clouded over as we were heading over there but there was enough of an opening for some sunset shots.
 I think they are still working on the pier, so I couldn't walk out.  I'm not 100% sure footed anyway, so I wasn't about to walk out on the pier.  Anyway, it looked like there was plenty of ice.
 I decided to use my big lens, because I didn't feel like walking on the walkway near the river.  It looked pretty treacherous as well.
 But I think I got some decent shots.  I really like the way the lighthouse is reflected on the ice.
 I'm not sure if I like it in landscape or portrait mode though.
 I headed over to the State Park but again, I wasn't brave enough to walk the pier.
 But I think I got decent pictures out of it.
 Evidently, there were enough people that braved the pier.
 I kind of like this shot.  I reminds me of a remote lighthouse somewhere.
One more shot before heading home.

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