Sunday, February 18, 2018

No Delta Here

I ended up going up to Port Huron today to catch a ship that was heading up from Detroit.  I had a little time to spare and I saw that a different Frontier livery was passing overhead, so I stopped at the airport.
 The first plane I caught was an Embrear 170 that belongs to Republic Airlines but was operated by United Express.
 It was flying in from Newark.  I kind of like flying into Newark.  It is what an old coworker would call a Navy airport.  There was a short runway and hard landing.  Fun stuff.
 I think these are pretty nice looking planes.
 The plane I wanted to catch was the Frontier plane.  It was arriving from Orlando, Florida.
 The livery is called Joe Bob the Badger.  It's not as nice as the Wolverine but not bad.
I like airlines that add some color to my planewatching.

I only stuck around for two no Delta.  I may go planewatching on Thursday to catch the Royal Jordanian plane.

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