Monday, May 25, 2009

Gallup Park

It was a nice night so I decided to go to Gallup Park tonight. It was a pretty nice walk. Saw a few geese and things, so here are some pictures.

A Canadian Goose just swimming around.

Some sort of black bird. I liked the yellow eyes set off against the bluish feathers.

A goose family.

Another goose family.

Some flowers. I liked the purple set off against the green.

A swan family.

A Mallard.

I liked the contrast in colors in this shot.

I also like the contrast in this one.

The sun setting.

The same swan family. Notice that one of the little swans is riding on the back of the parent. I thought that was pretty neat.

Looking down the Huron River.

The bridge at Gallup. This is closer to sunset, notice the pinks on the bridge.

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