Sunday, May 24, 2009

Old Mission Lighthouse

The Old Mission Lighthouse is at the end of a penisula that juts out between the Leelenau Penisula and the main part of the state. It is roughly 30 miles north of Traverse City and you end up passing through a bunch of vineyards and a few cherry orchards. This is called the Old Mission Peninsula.

This is a shot as you are approaching the lighthouse from the land side. The lighthouse is almost exactly on the 45th Parallel. The lighthouse is no longer active but you can tour in it.

A view of the tower.

A view from the side. It almost looks like it is settling.

A view from the front.

A view directly from the front. It is a pretty nice looking lighthouse.

Another shot of the tower.

Some rocks out in the water in front of the lighthouse.

The beach in front of the lighthouse. This is a pretty typical looking beach on Lake Michigan.

A shot of the tower framed by trees.

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