Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ocqueoc Falls

Near Rogers City is a set of Waterfalls (the only falls in the Lower Penninsula, I think) called Ocqueoc Falls. While not as impressive as Tahquanemon or some of the falls in the Upper Penninsula, they are still pretty neat. With the winter we've had, they are flowing pretty well.

One of the falls towards the back. The Bridge is part of the highway.

A closeup shot of the falls at a low shutter speed.

An overall shot of the main falls. Shot a higher shutter speed.

Shot at lower shutter speed. I like these shots for falls because it gives the illusion of motion.

Another angle of the main falls at a lower shutter speed.

Another close up shot.

Shot of the falls at a high shutter speed. Nearly freezes the water.

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Dom said...

Went camping near there once in Boy Scouts.