Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Yuppie Plastic Jesus

Oh I don't care if rains or long as I have my Plastic Jesus riding on the dashboard of my car.... (Not sure where the lyrics come from...)

It seems like not too long ago, GPS units were pretty rare. A friend of mine had one and it seemed pretty cool. I've been tempted to get one for a while. About a year ago, I decided to get an ETrek unit from Garmin. I mainly wanted it for geocaching. It wasn't too bad but it only gave bearing and distance. So I started to look around for a new one.

I didn't really want one of the dashboard units because of geocaching so I decided on either the Garmin Oregon or the one pictured above. I decided on the one pictured above because it didn't cost as much plus I'm not too sure I would like a touch screen. I am pretty happy with the unit.

I ended up getting the North America map to go with it. It's not too bad although I think I might have to find the updates for it. It's a pretty decent unit and handles geocaching pretty well.

Anyways, I call it my yuppie plastic Jesus. As I said, they seem to be getting more and more prevalent so it seems like the latest yuppie toy. It guides the lyrics fit....

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