Monday, May 4, 2009

Holland, MI - Tulip Festival

Over the weekend I went to the Tulip Festival in Holland. It was pretty neat, I never realized just how many different types of tulips there are. The colors were fantastic. The people.....not so.


This is probably the classic view of the tulip festival. This is a windmill that was brought over here from the Netherlands. This one was used as an observation point in World War II, they had one of the replaced blades where you could see the bullet holes.

This is probably another classic view, the fields of tulips.

A better shot from a lower angle. Love the color contrasts.

A closeup of the interior of a tulip.

Another interior, note the bee.

Some nice red and yellow ones.

A red one amongst a bunch of yellow.

Same shot, different angle.


Dom said...

Awesome pics as always. I haven't been to the festival since I was a wee tot.

Carter Lenhart said...

Florists must have had a field day arranging those tulips. All told, you've captured the brisk colors of these flowers. Just looking at these make me feel like I'm actually by the flower beds. The pic with flowers of contrasting colors is note-worthy.