Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Maumee

This is the ship I was waiting for but she was almost two hours later than I expected to see her (based on a website I found).

The Maumee started her life as the William Clyde in 1929 and was built for the Pittsburgh Steamship Company by the American Steamship Company. She was originally powered by a steam engine but was replaced by a diesel in 1964. She was primarily an iron ore carrier for the US Steel Corp. In 1960, she was transferred to the Bradley Fleet and renamed the Calcite II and carried limestone. In 1967, she was transferred back to the Pittsburgh Steamship Company.

Unfortunately, as the ship was passing by, I was only carrying my monster lens, so I couldn't get the shot that I really like but this one will do. She was one of the first ships to be equipped with bow thrusters.

She had a few accidents in her career.

As she is heading towards the Ambassador Bridge.

She stands at 604' long which makes her one of the smaller ships on the Lakes. She is the second oldest ship currently serving on the Great Lakes. As I like to say in these posts, many of these ships are little histories of the Lakes themselves.

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