Sunday, November 28, 2010


So I decided to head over to Hollywood today. There are two places that are branded into the American psychis and those are New York and Hollywood. Now that I've been to both places, New York earns its spot there and Hollywood seems to be hype. For all you hear about glitz and glamour, Hollywood doesn't seem to be it and from what I remember, I needed to go to Rodeo Drive or parts of Beverly Hills. Parts of Hollywood seem to have fallen into disrepair although I think they are trying to restore some of the luster.

As a person who grew up in the 80's, I remember the rise of Nickolodeon on cable. I was probably too old for alot of it but there were some shows there I could appreciate (You Can't Do That on Television and Turkey TV). Everytime I see Russian guys I still think, "This is Ivan...Hero of Soviet Union...27th Class" and he was either excited or sad depending on the ranking.

One of the images that is ingrained in the collective American minds is the Hollywood sign. When I saw it the first time, I remember my disappointment as I thought it would be bigger. this picture really captures how it feels to me overpowered by everytihng around it.

I liked the look of this sign.

One of the cool things of Hollywood is the Walk of Fame, although I wish it was better organized because it was difficult to find the actors that I really like. Humphrey Bogart is definately one of my favorites. I have pictures of other stars but they are all pretty much the same.

I just wanted to go down to Hollywood for pictures, little did I realize they were having a Christmas parade tonight. I would have stayed but it was actually cold.

Because of shows like Dragnet and Adam 12, the Los Angeles Police badge is one of the most recognizable in the country.

A shot down Hollywood Boulevard. As I said, I was a little disappointed when I first saw it. Parts of it looked run down. Something as iconic as Hollywood Blvd should be better maintained.

Mainly a shot of the street sign.

Looking up at one of the theater signs.

A shot of Pantages Theater.

This looks like a restoration project.

I think this building was a bank at one time. I liked the friezes.

A shot of the tower on that bulding.

Grauman's Chinese Theater.

A detail of the theater.

Another detail.

Another shot of Hollywood Blvd.

A better angle of the building I mentioned earlier. As I said, I think it was a bank now it is up for lease.

Not sure what this building is, but I liked the sign.

The Scientoligist Christmas display. They were giving out stress tests in front of this building...I did not participate.

A guitar shop.

The other display window.

A shot of one of the motorcycles. I tried to pan with the motorcycle.

I've got nothing to say about this one.

I think this is the Capitol Records building.


Flighsts to USA said...

This is one of the most visited travel and holidays spot in the world.
Here millions of people come around the world to see the hollywood city, studios and other attractions.
Thanks for sharing.

Dominic said...

Love the pics of Ponch and John