Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wisconsin Vs. Michigan - The Game

Michigan won the coin toss and deferred to the second half. And the game begun.

Here is the opening kickoff. Michigan managed to stop Wisconsin around the 8 yard line.

And then Wisconsin proceeded to run the ball down Michigan's throat. It's funny, I've taken pictures at the Connecticut game, Massachusetts game, Michigan State game and the Iowa game and now this game. It's amazing how many pictures I have that look exactly like this one. And it's also amazing that this play seemed to net about 5 yards everytime. I'm not a coach but if I were, I would think I would adjust my defense to prevent this type of play.

Tolzien preparing to pass. Michigan's soft coverage made this a pretty brutal play for Wisconsin as well.

Michigan managed to hold Wisconsin on the first drive but Wisconsin managed to punt the ball deep. So now Michigan's offense had the ball.

This pass was blocked, but fortunately not intercepted.

Denard running the ball.

I've probably said this before but this is probably one of my favorite shots to take - the trenches.

Michigan tackling the Wisconsin quarterback after a run. It looked like he might have fumbled but he was down.

Wisconsin pounding the ball into the endzone. This would be repeated several times during the day.

I am probably in a minority of Michigan fans, but I wish we had a mascot or at least a real wolverine to bring on the field.

The Michigan cheerleaders.

This was kind of cool. This year, Michigan re-introduced a tradition that had fallen to the wayside - the announcing of the Slippery Rock scores at the game. Slippery Rock is a University in Pennsylvania and plays Division II Football. Their season was done and part of the team was invited to the Big House. The crowd cheered them.

Denard running the ball again.

Another shot of the trenches.

The Michigan Drum Line.

The Band playing at halftime. At this time, Wisconsin was leading 24-0. Michigan's offense was sputtering. Well it made some plays but none of them involved getting the ball across the goal-line.

Michigan's dance team. The band's halftime show is definately my favorite part of going to the game.

They were checking the sound level of the stadium to see if the additions to the stadium did in fact have an effect on the noise level. I think they did.

The team taking the field for the second half.

Denard punching it into the endzone.

Parts of the band came through the stands.

Denard running again.

Denard running into the endzone. He ended up breaking the NCAA record for a quarterback rushing.

A shot just after the snap.

Roy Roundtree catching Denard's pass.

Towards the end of the game, Forcier was brought in. He wasn't very effective.

The handshake after the game.

Wisconsin ended up winning 48-28.


Anonymous said...

I hope the Badgers enjoy this victory because it will be another 26 years before they win in the Big House again.

Mike P @ MGOFootball said...

Lots of awesome pics man!

Anonymous said... that a Moji Navvab halftime sighting?