Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wisconsin Vs. Michigan - Pre Game Shots

This was the first time that I had been to multiple Michigan games in a season and I'll have to say that enjoyed myself. For the most part they were pretty decent games and I'm glad that I did this. For this game, I decided to bring my littler lenses instead of the moster lens so that I could get some shots of the stadium itself. I had some reservations about getting this ticket as late November is not usually the best weather in Michigan but the day turned out to be pretty nice.

These are some of my shots before the game.

This is a marble block M by the entrance I entered the stadium.

This is one of the police dogs. I just want to thank the officer for letting me take his or her picture.

This is the back of the North End Scoreboard.

Since the stadium was renovated, some concourses were added. In the concourse I went through, they had these plaques commemorating the Michigan National Championship squads. This particular squad was the first coached by Fielding Yost and was one of the famed "Point-a-Minute" squads. This particular one outscored its opponents 550 to 0 and was undefeated. It played in the first Rose Bowl in which it defeated Stanford 49-0.

This team was another of the "point a minute" squads. It outscored its opponents 644 to 12.

The tie of this season was against Minnesota. This season was the start of the Little Brown Jug Trophy. Fielding Yost did not trust Minnesota, so he brought his own water supply. Minnesota made a trophy of it and Yost wanted it back, to which the Minnesota Athletic Director stated, "If you want it back, you have to win it back". This started the tradition of the Little Brown Jug game and the Little Brown Jug is the oldest Rivalry Trophy in college football. It currently resides in Ann Arbor.

This was another of Yost's point a minute teams. It outscored its opponents 567 to 22.

Michigan only played 5 games in this season and outscored its opponents 96-6. The season was shortened due to travel restrictions because of the Influenza outbreak. Michigan was undefeated.

This was another undefeated squad that outscored its opponents by a huge margin.

This team was coached by a former Michigan player. It aslo outscored its opponents by a large margin.

Another one of the Michigan teams that outscored its opponents by a huge margin.

This team was nicknamed the Mad Magicians and was coached by Fritz Crisler. The team finished the season undefeated but was 2nd in the polls to Notre Dame. It went to the Rose Bowl and defeated the USC Trojans 49-0. After the bowl game, they were selected as Number 1 in an unprecedented post Bowl poll.

This team was the first team to feature specialists on offense and defense. Most players up to this point had played on both sides of the ball. This team also featured alot of reversals and other trick plays which gave the team its nickname.

This team was coached by Bennie Oosterbaan and was also undefeated.

This is the national championship that I remember (even though it was a split championship, stupid Coaches Poll). It was a very special season featuring one of the first primarily defensive players to win the Heisman, Charles Woodson.

Anyways, this ends the history lesson....

The team leaving the field after the pre-game warmups.

The band entering the field. I've said this before but I will say it again, watching the bands is one of my favorite parts of actually going to the games.

The flag girls.

The team playing the "M Fanfare".

The Drum Major touching his head to the field.

And the team taking the field.

The Coin Toss.

The Cheerleaders entering the field.

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