Monday, February 11, 2013

And Whitefish Point

Our next stop was Whitefish Point.  I've been up here in the winter but it has been a while.
 This would be a nice picture if not for the snow fence.
 Looking at the tower.  This was first lit in 1849, it is one of the first on Lake Superior and is the oldest active light on the lake.
 Looking up at the tower.
 And another shot.
Another shot of the tower.
 Looking up at the tower.  The tower is 76 feet tall.
 A frozen Lake Superior.
 One of the pilings I normally see.
 For comparisons sake, here's a picture I took earlier.  I'm not sure how thick the ice was as I wasn't about to go out there.
 The stand of birches that always seem to end up on here.
 The foghorn with tower in back.  You can see the light 26 miles out.
 Looking up at the foghorn.
 I'm not sure what this structure is used for.
 Another shot of the tower.
 The building that houses the foghorn.
 I'm not sure what this building is used for.
 A shot of the lighthouse from another angle.
 Another building I'm not sure about.
 And another shot of the lighthouse.
 The lighthouse an foghorn building.

And one last shot of the lighthouse.

I will have to admit, it was pretty cold here.  And when the wind started to whip up, it got even colder but it was still pretty cool to visit in the winter.

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