Saturday, February 23, 2013

Eastern Michigan Vs Missouri State - Basketball

Today was what they called the ESPN Bracket Buster game.  Eastern Michigan played the Missouri State Bears in what should have been an easy game for the Eagles.  The Bears were standing at 8-20 and the Eagles are almost at 0.500.   But I think we've seen this movie I'll go to the pictures.
 Riley going for the jump ball.
 Daylen Harrison moving the ball.  I decided to sit at the side for part of the game.  It gave me a chance for some different angles.
 J.R. Sims looking to make his move.  He looked pretty good for this game.
 Austin Harper moving the ball down the court.
 Daylen Harrison going for a shot.  Eastern came up with a pretty strong start.
 Austin Harper on the jump shot.  He looked pretty good during the game.
 J.R. Sims moving towards the basket.
 Derek Thompson setting up the team.  He had 19 points during the game but he fouled out at a critical time.
 The dunk that I managed to catch.  Sadly, this was the last highlight for the Eagles.  The wheels fell off the bus shortly after this shot.
 Derek Thompson setting up for the shot.
 Derek Thompson launches one of many three pointers.
 Ah, the joys of sports photography.  What would have been a nice shot of J.R. Sims instead becomes a nice shot of the ref's ass.
 J.R. going towards the basket.
 J.R. Sims attempting a three point.  Had he made this one, EMU would have been in range.
 Chandler charging for the basket.  They called a foul they weren't calling all game, turning what could have been a three point play into a no point play (Chandler missed the first of a one and one).
 Coach Murphy expressing his displeasure with the officials.
This is what letting one get away looks like.  One of the nice things is that Eastern is a pretty young team.  They seem to be getting better from game to game, so I think maybe next year they will make some noise.

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