Thursday, February 7, 2013

Eastern Michigan Vs. Buffalo - Basketball

So last night was a basketball at EMU.  At some point, I will have other pictures posted at Eagle Totem (I tried to post them myself there but ran into issues).  So here are my other pictures.
 The tipoff but I don't remember who won it.  I'm thinking Buffalo did because EMU started the second half with the ball.
 Glenn Bryant had a monster night last night.  He had 17 points.
 I don't remember who this is but I liked the shot.
 Matt Balkema had a pretty decent night as well.  He got alot more playing time than I was used to seeing.
 Under the basket.
 Glenn Bryant at the line.
 Daylen Harrison sizing up his opponent.
 Jamell Harris taking a shot.
 Austin Harper charging the net.  He also had a pretty big game and saw quite a bit of playing time.
 Daylen launching a three pointer.
 Harper after a shot.
 During one of the timeouts, the cheerleaders were doing their thing.
 Harrison after a three pointer.
 One of the things I hate about shooting sports is that it is all about timing.  If this shot had been taken a fraction of a second either way, it would have been a perfect shot.  I would have preferred the shot while he was on the net.  If I had been following a little closer, I would have caught the dunk.  Instead, I get Mr. Basketball Head.
 Austin Harper launching another shot.
 A scrum at the basket.
 Bryant for the easy layup.
And a shot of the band.

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