Thursday, February 14, 2013

Eastern Michigan Vs. Akron - Basketball

So I was at the Eastern Michigan basketball game last night.  They were playing the Zips of Akron with their 15 game win streak on the line.  It was a pretty good game.
 Daylen Harrison circling around the perimeter.  Eastern came out sluggish and Akron built up a pretty good lead though.  Eastern managed to bring it to three at the half though.
 Jalen Ross getting the offense set up.  He's a freshman and at parts of the game he looked it.
 J.R. Sims launching a shot from three point land.  He is probably one of my favorites on the team.
 Daylen Harrison taking a shot from beyond the arc.  He's another one of my favorites.
 The halftime show consisted of these guys.  They were actually pretty good.
 For this shot, I wanted the illusion of motion, so I used a slower shutter speed.
 Da'Shonte Riley going for a slam dunk.  It was after this shot that I started to use the repeat mode on my camera.  It certainly helps for basketball. 
 Glenn Bryant stretches for the basket.  I think I would have liked this shot more if I had gotten the ball in it.
 Glenn Bryant getting mugged by one of the Akron players.  This was definately a shot that was helped by using the repeat mode.
 Anthony Strickland going for a basket.  I think I like how this one turned out.
 Glenn Bryant getting ready to go for the basket.  Love the expression on his face.
 Bryant taking a shot.
 Sims going for a shot.  This is another one that benefitted from repeat mode.
 This picture seems a little overexposed but I still like it.  I am still getting the hang of doing basketball.
 Sims going for a shot again.
 Ouch.  This shot is a pretty good description of the game.
It was a pretty ugly game.  There seemed to be alot of nasty fouls on Akron's part but Eastern hung in.  They didn't get the win but they looked decent in doing so.  I think with a little more experience, they'll be scary next year.

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