Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Frozen Barton Dam

I saw some pictures earlier this week of ice on the Barton Dam and I thought they looked pretty neat.  Despite the temperature hovering around zero, I decided to head over there tonight.  I am glad I did.
 Parts of the Huron River had open water, but I think that had more to do with the flow of the water from the dam rather than the temperatures lately.  It was good because there were some waterfowl in there.  I did not bring my other lenses with me, so I could not get better pictures of them.
 A pair of swans swimming around in the river. 
 The dam itself looked pretty neat.  I was getting some of the light from the sunset too.
 The water near the dam was smooth enough that I could get the reflections in the water.
 The damn itself was frozen over.  It looked pretty neat in person.  I probably should have brought one of my other lenses so that I could get some close ups.
 The power house.
 another angle.
 This was probably my favorite angle of the dam because it showed the full expanse.  I probably would have gotten the more straight out shot but the stairs looked fairly precarious.
 Back to the power house.  I wonder if they could ever get this running again.

 I wanted to show the full expanse of the reflection in the water.  I liked the ripples.
 The walkway.
 Looking down the Huron River.
One of these days I would like to get a shot of the Wolverine passing by.

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