Friday, February 20, 2015

Another Cold Day in Ypsilanti

So I started up the car this morning and I saw that the temperature was somewhere in the -10 degrees F range.  Actually it doesn't really matter much when the temperature gets below zero.  All it really means is that it is friggin cold.
 When it is that cold, it usually mean that the Paper Mill will make for some nice pictures.  Generally the water on the other side of the waterfall isn't frozen and that generally means it will be misty.
 It was mistier than normal this morning.  That coupled with the sun being out meant nicer pictures.
 I decided to go for some different angles.
 I was able to get some shots from straight out.
 And then I shifted the camera a bit to get more of the river.
 Then I went over to the other spot where I got the trees and stuff.
One more picture through the mist.  I really liked this one.

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