Friday, February 20, 2015

A Pair of Planes

I decided to stop at the Ann Arbor Airport before and after work today.  There have been a couple of planes parked that I've been meaning to get pictures of.
 The first aircraft was a Cessna 310 that was built in 1954.  The Cessna 310 was the first twin engine aircraft produced by Cessna after World War II.  The 310 first flew in 1953 and deliveries started in 1954.  It was powered by two 240 Horsepower Continental Engines and was the first aircraft with thrust augmenter tube.  It also stored all of its fuel in the wing tip tanks.  Various versions of the aircraft were produced until 1980.  At that time, a little over 6,300 were built.
 It's a pretty neat looking plane and I would love to see it in the air.
 The next aircraft is one that I've taken pictures of before.  It is a Luscombe 8E Silvaire.  The Luscombe 8 Series began in in 1937.  This particular aircraft was built in 1947 and is powered by a Continental C85 which was an 85 horsepower engine.  It's a pretty nice looking aircraft.
One more shot of the Cessna before leaving.

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