Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Eastern Michigan Basketball Vs Central Michigan

So I went to the Eastern Michigan Vs. Central game tonight.  I was hoping that Eastern would get a lift from their first MAC road win.  As the game started, that looked like that may have been the case.  It didn't take long for the tide to change.

These are my favorites from tonight...for others go to Eagle Totem.
 Mike Talley directing the offense.  He actually didn't look too bad.
 Olalekan Ajayi guarding the basket but Central wasn't in this area too much.  They preferred the firework attack.
 Jerome Hunter trying to get to the basket.
 Mike Talley getting mugged on the way to the basket.
 Ethan Alvano getting tripped on the way to the basket.
Even this wasn't working.

Eastern would go on to lose 72-56.  With the exception of the opening of the game, they were pretty much out of it.

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