Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Barton Dam Again

I decided to head over to the Barton Dam again.  I wanted to try and catch the eastbound Wolverine as it passed in front of the damn.
 This part of the Huron River was still frozen over.  It looked like there might be a couple of cracks in places.
 The railroad bridge.  I thought this would make a good setting for a train picture.  If I ever find out that one of the steam engines pass by, I will try and get a picture here.
 Another angle of the Huron.
 One of two swans that was hanging around in the water in front of the dam.
 The water wasn't quite as smooth today and the sun wasn't out.  But the water running made for a nice picture.
 The dam from another angle.
 From a better angle.

 I was shooting it through the branches.  I kind of liked the layers of snow over the branches.
 Looking down the dam towards the power house.
 A close up of some of the waterfalls.
 Going with a slower shutter speed on these.
 I was able to go up the stairs to get more straight on shots.  I kind of liked them a little more.
 Another shot of the falls.
 One more shot of the power house.
 Another swan.
Kind of a stream.

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