Thursday, February 5, 2015

Colder Than A....

So as I was heading into work today, I noticed that the temperature was actually below zero.  I figured that would provide an opportunity to get a picture of a mist covered Huron River.
 I should have tried to stop at the park and get the picture from that angle but it still looked pretty iffy going down the little road.  Instead, I stopped at the Peninsular Place apartments and took pictures from there.  The sun was jus about perfect.  I just wish there were a little more snow on the trees.  I'm guessing that if I had taken pictures here a couple days ago,  would have gotten that.
 Well, there was some bits of snow and ice in the river.
 The frost covered trees near the river.
 Just a shot of the building itself.
 I wanted to get the more straight out angle but the snow was about 12" inches or so. 
I kind of liked the way the shadows looked but I don't like the fact that it was the parking lot at work.  Oh well.....It does kind of give you an idea of the snow that we have here.

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