Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Day Trainwatching

I haven't gone trainwatching in a while.  Well, trainwatching where I go to catch something other than the Wolverine or the yard in Jackson.  So I decided to head down to Deshler and Fostoria today.
 Since I was leaving at about the same time, I decided to wait around for the westbound Wolverine to Chicago.  I know I have several pictures of it, but I can't pass up the opportunity.
 Another shot of the Wolverine.
 This bridge is in Grand Rapids and is used by the Toledo and Lake Erie Railroad.
 An old Chessie System caboose.
 This is a switcher of some sort.
 An old steam engine that belonged to Detroit Edison at one time.
 I saw this schoolhouse (or church) on the way to Deshler.
 A detail of one of the windows.
 I've never seen an engine belonging to this company before but I have seen several cars that belong to it.  The Kansas City Southern railroad was formed in 1887 by Arthur Edward Stillwell.  It began operations in Kansas City and expanded south towards Mexico.  It is the smallest and third oldest Class I railroad in North America still in operation.  It mostly operates in Kansas, Missouri and points south but like other railroads, it makes forays into other areas.
 I wanted to try to catch the Kansas City Southern engine in Fostoria but as I was leaving Deshler, I saw this one heading west.  Just a CSX engine pulling a bunch of coal.
 One other shot of that one.
 The Infinity Engine...or something like that.
 Another Norfolk-Southern engine heading west.  This was carrying a mixed load.
 Another shot of that engine.
 This particular engine was carrying a bunch of intermodal stuff.
 The Kansas City engine as it passes Fostoria.
 A CSX engine heading south, but then I think it got on the curve and headed west.
 Well, not one engine but five.
As I was heading north on I-75 to head back home, I saw this guy off to the side.  I got off I-75 and caught up to it.  Since I don't see CN engines all the time, I figured I needed a picture of it.

It was actually pretty fun going out trainwatching.  I found a new place in Toledo that looks interesting and I think I will check it out next weekend.

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