Saturday, February 13, 2016

Eastern Michigan Versus Kent State Basketball

So I went to the basketball game today.  It was pretty much too cold to do anything else anyway.  It's supposed to be cold tomorrow too, so I'm not sure if I'll be doing anything tomorrow.  Well if nothing else, there's always the Wolverine.  As always, if you want more pictures of the game itself go to Eagle Totem.
 Tim Bond during the warmup session.
 This was the group that sang the Star Spangled Banner before the game.  One of them is the wife of one of the guys I work with.
 The cheerleaders during the pre-game festivities.
 I'm usually sitting next to the dance team during the game.  I don't normally take pictures of them during the game, but there was a particularly long delay today.  I'm not sure what it was over but it was pretty annoying.
 Coach Murphy expressing displeasure at something.
 This is what a free throw should look like.
 Raven Lee bowling towards the basket.
 Murphy mad at one of the refs.
 A happy pair of eagles.
Nice game...

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