Saturday, February 27, 2016

A General Store

We passed through and area known as Huron City.  I think I've been there before but I don't think I stopped for pictures.
 The town was known as Huron City and was built in the 1850's as a result of a sawmill that was built on the Willow Creek by Langdon Hubbard, his brother and cousin.  The store shown here was built in the 1880's.
 I liked the way the sun was hitting the windows. In 1881, a fire claimed much of the lumbering operation and it was converted to agriculture.  The city was well equipped to serve farming but many of the people there left.  Langdon Hubbard's daughter was married William Phelps after this but the couple summered in this area.  Her husband was a professor at Yale.  In 1932, the town was turned over to his niece.
 In 1946, the William Phelps foundation was set up to preserve Huron City.  A brick museum was built in 1952 and the buildings preserved shortly after that.
In 1995, Huron City was designated as a National Historic Site.  Almost reminds me of an Edward Hopper painting.

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