Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Winter's Last Blast...Hopefully

After a fairly nice weekend, we got a fair amount of snow today.  It started with rain earlier in the morning and turned to snow as I was heading into work.  That made things interesting as I was trying to get into work.
 I normally take Ellsworth towards work and it was a zoo.  I was thinking of turning around but I was too far into it.
 For as bad as this looked, I-94 looked worse.  I saw a couple of cars on the side of the road but for the most part it was fine if you were careful.
 For a more idyllic picture, I decided to take a picture of my favorite barn.  There was enough snow on the ground that it looked pretty nice.
 As you can see, the snow was falling pretty hard as I was taking my picture.  It was also a little windy side, so it was going straight.
As much as I don't like driving in it, snow does make for nice scenery.

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