Saturday, February 6, 2016

A Train Passes Through St. Joseph

I was going to get pictures of something else that caught my eye, but as I was heading to that, I heard the distinctive sound of a train horn.  I looked down the tracks but I didn't see anything, so I continued to my original plan.  I heard the horn again, so then I looked at a nearby signal and saw that it was green.  Typically that means there is something coming.  Then I heard it again, so I moved near the train station.
 Sure enough, a train was approaching.  This wasn't quite the spot I wanted to catch it though.  I really wanted to catch it going over the bridge but this wasn't too bad.
 It was a BNSF engine carrying coal cars.  I'm not sure where it's headed though.  I've seen this particular train in Bay City but I'm not sure it's going that far.
 it was still pretty cool to see a train here.
 Maybe one of these days, I will catch the Pere Marquette going through.  Well the Amtrak version of that.
 A closer shot of the engine.
 Trains attract crowds it seems.
And it continues on its way.

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