Monday, February 15, 2016

Presidents' Day Wolverines

We get a floating holiday every year and for some reason, they decided to make it Presidents' Day.  I'm not going to argue too much over a day off though.  I had plans of doing something more significant but I took one look at the roads and decided I didn't want to do anything too far away.
 In those cases, I find myself heading down to Depot Town where I can catch the Wolverine.
 I will have to admit that the Wolverine looks pretty cool after it just snows.
 The only problem is that there wasn't that much snow.
 And the Wolverine continues on its way to Chicago.
 I decided to come back for the Eastbound Wolverine and had a little time to kill.  So I took some pictures of the buildings of Depot Town.
 I like the classic look.
 The Depot that will hopefully return to life someday.
 A thistle.
 I kind of like this one a little better.
 Another the other Wolverine.
 Kind of a nice angle for it.
The Sticks sign for Aubrees.

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