Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Return to Fostoria

When I realized that it was probably too late in the morning to see any more eagles and I needed to go back to the park at sunset, I decided to head down to Fostoria for a bit. 
 It wasn't too long before the first train appeared.  It was a westbound CSX mixed cargo train.
 I saw some pretty cool graffiti
 I kind of liked this one.
 I think I liked this one a little more.
 I didn't get over to a good spot for this train soon enough.  But I kind of like this shot with all the fences in it.
 Then I went over to the north side of the park.  I like the pictures from this side the best.  You can usually get a decent head on shot.
 the side shots aren't too bad either.
 It didn't take long for the train to pass.
 For some reason, this reminded me of one of the Operation Lifesaver pictures.
 With the empty container cars, this gave me the opportunity to get a shot with a full train wrapping around the park.
And a shot of a CSX engine passing the Fostoria Tower.

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