Sunday, March 5, 2017

Toledo Rockets At Eastern Michigan - Basketball

So I went to the Eastern Michigan basketball game on Friday night.  If they won, they had a lock on either the 7th or 8th seed which would mean another home game tomorrow night.  If they didn't win, they needed both Northern Illinois and Bowling Green to lose in order to have a home game.  After the pretty impressive wins against Norther Illinois and Central Michigan, I thought they would have a chance against the Rockets.

As usual, I will post pictures other than the game itself.  If you wish to see game shots, go to Hustle Belt.
 Prior to the game, they introduce the team and the cheerleaders do a pyramid of sorts.
 During the game, they also do a few pyramids.
 Swoop during one of the media timeouts.
 One of the cheerleaders during a media timeout.
 The dance team during another media timeout.
 I really like to watch the dance team.  They are pretty cool.

 Coach Murphy giving pointers to the team.
 Raven Lee dishing off the pass.
 James Thompson dunking.
 A shot of one of the dance team members.
Tim Bond going for a layup.

Eastern Michigan would end up losing the game but because both NIU and Bowling Green lost, they will be hosting their first game of the MAC Tournament tomorrow night.

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